Cubs tickets are not selling for peanuts

The Slanch Report suggests that Cubs tickets are selling for peanuts. Julie posted the other day you can get tickets for 9 cents. I wondered how accurate it would be to say they were selling for peanuts so I went over to Google Shopping to find out. Turns out the cheapest Planters Peanuts you can buy cost a dollar. If you search only for peanuts you get peanut butter and that's worthless to this important discussion. The bottom line is that I could get 11 Cubs tickets and pay only a penny more than I would if I bought some peanuts. I'd rather go with the peanuts.

Commenter WaLi wrote this:

You can get 48 / 1 oz bags for $15 on amazon.. That’s 31 cents / oz. There are ~ 28 g / oz. An individual peanut weighs about 1 g.. Therefore the price of a peanut is about 1.1 cents. So for the same price of a Cubs ticket, you can get about 8 peanuts. (dying laughing)

There you go, the cost of a Cubs ticket is equal to 8 peanuts! I'd much rather have those peanuts.