On the Lack of Bears Coverage

Hello everyone. The astute among you will notice that I haven't done anything for football in the past few weeks. This is sort-of intentional, sort of not. 

Last week, my wife and daughter were both pretty sick. I had to care for them both, so I decided against writing something for that game (especially because it would be half-assed). In the general sense, though, I'm realizing that I just don't have the time to devote to getting a high enough level of expertise with football. I used to have more time, and I spent less of it on the Cubs. Now, I don't really have free weekends to write about football with Leah and all, and I'm much more likely to spend what free time I have writing about baseball, something I'm far more comfortable with.

The upshot of all this is that I probably will not continue writing about the Bears this year. I'm not confident enough in my knowledge about it this year to pretend to give analysis any greater than the slop you'd get from, let's say, Michael Irvin. If that's the case, I'm doing myself and you a disservice by writing about it. 

Sorry if this is a disappointment. I'm still game to talk about the Bears, but probably as a commentator only.