Some minor MLB rule changes for next year

This ESPN blurb lists three relatively minor rule changes for the upcoming season. Here's the highlights

  • Coaches and managers are now allowed to bring an interpreter when conferencing with a pitcher. The article implies that this rule is mostly due to Yu Darvish.
  •  Due to the recent trend in teams having two hitting coaches, teams may now have seven managers in uniform instead of six.
  • You can't fake a throw to third and throw to first anymore. It is now a balk.

These aren't official yet because the player's union needs to ratify them, but I don't see any snags in the future. The union previously shot down the balk change to discuss it, but should probably pass it. It's not like the move is ever succesful anyway. The owners can unilaterally implement it if they want, but would prefer not to piss off the players.



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