Trey McNutt makes best of it

Saw this on my rss feed today about Trey McNutt

As in the abstract, McNutt is saying, this process is not exact. Unfortunately, Chicago's seventh-ranked prospect has been far from spot-on himself. Southern League batters are batting .266 against him, and he's posted a 55-to-39 strikeout-to-walk ratio unbefitting his powerful repertoire. After 17 starts, his last eight appearances have come out of the bullpen, where he pitches more often but with less time to introduce his secondary offerings to opposing hitters.

"I've got all the pitches. It's just a matter of throwing them for strikes on a consistent basis. That's the reason I'm in Double-A now," the Birmingham, Ala., native said, not long after playing in his 50th game for the Tennessee Smokies over the last three seasons. "When I get to where I can throw the pitches for strikes whenever I want to, I'll have it made."

McNutt fell off a cliff a year or so ago, but it's still possible he could be a decent reliever.