WTF 7/27: We Talk About Ryan Dempster, Santo and Soriano… But Mostly Dempster

As you may or may not already know, Adam (AC), Julie DiCaro (CubbieJulie) and I (Aisle424) do a weekly podcast on Friday afternoons called Wrigley Talk Friday, or simply, WTF.

It is not edited, it is rarely pre-scripted, and we're never sure which of us will actually be free to do the podcast at any given time (usually at least 2 of us per show, but occasionally you get treated to a monologue). But we have a good time with it and hope our listener(s) does/do too.

This week on WTF:

Julie is mad at Ryan Dempster, Adam is less mad, and Tim just wants some damn prospects. And they all think Ron Santo's induction into baseball's HOF was kinda weird.


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