Ask OV: Cubs Fans Anxiously Waiting to Watch [Insert Name] in Centerfield vs. Red Sox

The questions have been rolling in ever since our debut of Ask OV last week so we are definitely going to have to hire an intern or something.  I mean, first I had to do the Facepalm yesterday and now this.  It's gotten to the point where I'm thinking of bringing MB back on board (at half-pay, naturally). But for now, Let's just get to the questions:

Let's say you were allowed to spend up to the luxury tax threshold (I'm guessing it's $189MM since that's what the Yankees want to get under) on the MLB team. How would you turn 2013 into a contender through free agency and retaining or calling up whoever doesn't suck in-house?

That all depends what it would cost to get a decent magic wand and some hitmen that could fix some leaky faucets in St. Louis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  Those guys ain't cheap.

How many games are the Chicago Cubs projected to win?

One very early projection has the Cubs winning 70 games and finishing in 5th place 19 games behind Cincinnati.  I, personally, have been predicting they will lose 100 games, which means they'll win 62.  I base that on the assumption that the current team will lose at least two veterans to trades before deadline.

When do Cubs trade Marlon Byrd?

There are so many variables it is near impossible to predict that.  I doubt that even if Theo and Jed know for sure they want to trade Marlon Byrd, they wouldn't be able to tell you with 100% certainty when it would happen.  For one thing, the market for Byrd isn't exactly red hot.  Nobody is calling Jed at all hours of the night begging for a deal involving Marlon Byrd.  It's not that he's a bad player, but he's not exactly a difference-maker.  And that leads to the next question:

When do the Cubs call up Brett Jackson?

They don't seem in a real hurry to clear space for Jackson, so unless Brett goes down there and starts hitting the crap out of the ball like he says he's going to AND the Cubs start slowly enough that fans start demanding some sort of glimpse of the future, they seem to be content to let him stick down there for awhile so they can keep him under club control for a little while longer.  Best case scenario is we see a Starlin Castro-like situation where they call him up in May, but I doubt we see him before the All-Star break.

How early for bleacher seats to Red Sox Cubs?

If the meaning to this is "How early should I buy bleacher seats for the Red Sox/Cubs games?", the answer is two weeks ago. If this means, "How early should I show up to get a decent seat in the bleachers for Red Sox/Cubs games?", the answer is, how soon can you get to the park?  Seriously though, the gates open two hours before the start of the game, and for popular games, there are lines forming outside the gates well before that.  I don't sit in the bleachers anymore, but if I did, I'd probably try to get in line as early as possible and see if the crazy dude talking about how his hat is 7-2 when he wears it during afternoon games would share his bologna sandwich.

Why? Seriously, why?

This is going to take a little more interpretation, but I think they are asking why we are so awesome. I think it is mostly because we can't help it.

How often does Ask OV have to appear to make it seem like creating the banner wasn’t a waste of time?

Almost there.  Not quite.

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