Ten Changes Rob Manfred, the MLB Players Union and Owners Should Enact Ten Years Ago It’s been almost a month since Rob Manfred discussed the possible, out-there, well-maybe-I-would-do-this-if-I-got-really-drunk-at-a-party changes with Karl Ravech. (Don’t worry, the “Ten Changes AndCounting Should Make to His Posting Habits” post is in the works including #6: “Consider posting every four years rather than annually or just whenever a new president is sworn into office […]

How Far Have the Cubs Come?

It has been almost three years, nearly three hundred losses, and three drafts since the Cubs hired Theo Epstein to save the Cubs from their sins and rescue them from eternal damnation in their permanent subterranean dwelling in the Central Division’s fiery core. And if you think that metaphor is overblown and ridiculous, it was […]

DFP: Missing Game 6

It’s funny. I deleted a post I was writing this week about appreciating the moment, appreciating what we have right now. It was about Javier Baez, the Cubs as they are, and life. Too preachy, too obvious, too blah-blah-blah. So, deleted. Obviously Robin Williams taking his own life has very little to do with Cubs baseball […]

Ten Reasons I’m Watching The 2014 Cubs

The last time I posted here, the dinosaurs roamed the earth the Cubs were still in the hunt for the NL pennant I swore I didn’t care about the 2014 Cubs. I said there would be no reason to watch the 2014 Cubs. I pretty much made it clear I wouldn’t so much as accidentally watch […]

Nuts on Clark? and other randomness

  Tim doesn't really like Clark. He's not alone. I like the move, but that's me. I like the thought of appealing to kids because they're too young to know any better than to cheer for the Cubs. The rest of us have no excuse. The Cubs have no excuse not to spend more money […]

Contented – My Cubs Marketing Campaign

I watch Cubs games when I can. I follow the scores on Gameday most of the time.  I at least check the alerts informing me of lead changes. I kind of care if the Cubs win. I read the occasional blog post and news update about the Cubs. I have had neither the time nor […]

A Two-Week Season: The Dale Sveum Chicago Cubs

I know the numbers don't mean a ton at this point in the season; eleven games does not a representative sample make, especially not for any one player. And as a team, there's still far too little to effectively evaluate how good bad the 2013 Cubs will be . . . as a team. But if you […]

OV Turns Two: Something Terrible This Way Comes.

Two years ago, having been conceived in the minds of commiserative suffering and gestated in the womb of indignant hope, Obstructed View was born. We celebrated the cerebral union of four great genius prize-winning semi-literate minds (operating under our noms de plumes, mb21, aisle 424, berselius, and yours truly, and counting) the way any intellectual quadrumvirate would: with […]

5 levels of Cubs involvement

Hi. I'm AC, AndCounting for long, and I am a Cubs blogger. It's been two months since my last post. I stayed clean for as long as I could, but I decided that it was time to get off the wagon. Or on the wagon. Or on the bandwagon. Or onto the main wagon where […]

Daily Facepalm 9.13.2012

Alfonso Soriano is an interesting chap. He had a big day at the plate and in the field. He's going to have a great counting stat year, probably ending the year with 30+ homers, 100+ RBI, and one+ error and 11+ assists. His rate stats aren't awful, but they aren't tremendous. He's gone to a […]

Daily Facepalm – 9.12.2012

The Cubs lost to the Astros 1-0 in what quite possibly could be the worst game of baseball ever played. Between the two teams there were ten hits, six errors, and one meager run. The only reason the otherwise merciless crapfest ended was because Starlin Castro couldn't outrun Dave Sappelt's stupidity, preventing Castro from scoring […]

Daily Facepalm 9.8.2012

The Cubs beat the Pirates 12-2 for the irony alone, a day after declaring a five-run lead "piling on." But we've probably beat that dead horse enough. Play of the Day Brett "Ghost of Reed Johnson" Jackson didn't adjust his competitive settings to autopilot just because the Cubs had a ridiculous lead (die, dead horse, […]

Top Ten Formerly Unwritten Rules for Cubs

There has been much talk in recent nadirs on the Cubs' undulating saga of suck years about the unwritten rules of baseball. Don't steal when you're up by ten runs. Don't steal when you're down by ten runs. Don't swing at 3-0 pitches when you're up by five runs. So, since it's Friday and I […]

Daily Facepalm, Literary Appreciation Edition – 9.5.2012

If a writer of prose knows enough about what he is writing about he may omit things that he knows, and the reader, if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the writer had stated them. The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due […]

Daily Facepalm – 9.4.2012

The Cubs lost to Walgreens in their special Labor Day uniforms, shocking the world yet again. With that defeat, the Cubs have now dropped 49 of their last 66 road games. Yeah. They have won a grand total of 17 road games all year. That's a road wining percntage of .WTF, despite a slightly lower […]

Daily Facepalm, Labor Day Miracle Edition

The Cubs lost to the Giants yesterday after Carlos Marmol toyed with a mixture of wildness and hittability to blow a ninth-inning tie. That's probably the nail in the coffin full of nails. Did Jorge Soler murder a baseball last night? Yes. Do the Cubs have a game today? Yes. Quote I didn't see coming. […]


I recently stopped in at a local dive called Ritz Klub in Michigan City, Indiana. I had heard their burgers were the best thing ever to happen to dead cattle, so I had to see for myself. I had also heard the place was something short of a spectacle for the eyes, and I love […]

Random Facepalm – 8.31.2012

Did the Cubs Shift Gears Yesterday? Yes. They won. Miscellaneous Of players with at least 80 Plate Appearances, Brett Jackson leads the Cubs in wRC+ (113). (h/t, mb21) He's also fifth on the current roster in batting WAR. For the season. He's played in 23 games. According to Fangraphs, Darwin Barney has been worth 11.6 […]

What would make you give up on the Cubs?

Aisle 424 wrote last week about the paucity of fans at U.S. Cellular at the conclusion of the White Sox' sweep of the Yankees, and it got me to thinking. It got me to thinking so much I actually used the word paucity in a sentence. But mostly it made me ponder the possibility of the […]