Cubs and Quade Call It Quits

The Cubs have fired Mike Quade. Theo Epstein broke the news to Quade in person. Given the length of time the new leadership spent meeting with Quade, I think it’s a sign that the front office seriously considered the possibility of keeping him on (or at least didn’t enter the situation with their minds made […]

Cubs Fans: Here’s Your New ID

”We’re going to hire people we trust, give them the opportunity to succeed, and hold them accountable.” That’s what Tom Ricketts said at his opening press conference in 2009. We all remember it. Slightly less than all of us believed it at the time. Perhaps we should have put two and two together. The Cubs […]

Report: Cubs Now a Theocracy

According to WEEI, the Cubs and Theo Epstein have agreed to a 5-year deal worth upwards of $15 million. But it’s not finalized (not even official, much less officially official). And they haven’t settled on a title (Grand Poobah of Baseball Operations or Crane Kenney’s Gimp Handler). And they have to settle on compensation for […]

An Unfair Game

There’s a movie coming out this week. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s based on a book that Bill James didn’t write. It goes by many names: Joe Morgan’s Book of Nightmares; The Joy of Stats; The Unbearable Lightness of Beane; Eat, Pray, OBP. Most people just know it as Moneyball. But it’s the subtitle […]

Dear Carlos Zambrano, Please Join My Team

Dear Carlos Zambrano, I know this has been a frustrating year or three for you. It’s been a frustrating year or 103 for Cubs fans, so we can relate. I’d like to help alleviate your frustration. I want to formally invite you to join my kickball team. You see, every year my employer holds an […]

Other Secrets the Cubs Beat Writers Are on the Verge of Uncovering

Today the Cubs announced the firing of Jim Hendry. Four weeks ago. Hendry himself called it one of the best-kept secrets in Cubs history (the others: the formula for a championship, why we keep watching, and how to remove the smell of urine from concrete). Shortly after learning that the biggest story of the season […]

10 Reasons to Keep Watching the Cubs

The Cubs are not just a bad baseball team. They’re bad television. I don’t think it necessary to prove this assertion with impartial evidence. If you’ve seen the Cubs do their jobs, all the anecdotal evidence you need is oozing from behind your eyeballs. The smart choice is obvious: look away. But if you’re committed […]

Series Preview: Philadelphia Phillies (59-35) at Whitney Young Dolphins (38-58)

Technically, the Phillies have the best record in MLB. And technically, the Cubs have the second worst. So technically, the Phillies should slaughter the Cubs. But on artistic merit, the Cubs have a clear advantage and should dominate the series. Paul McCartney is playing Wrigley at the end of the month, so I really don’t […]

A Tale of Two Sluggers

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.They were the suckiest of sluggers, they were the strongest of sluggers. They couldn’t hit, they couldn’t be retired. This is the tale of two sluggers who gave us two quarter seasons of two extremes . . . that apparently made no difference. Aramis […]

Nick Jonas Takes BP At Wrigley – Why Not Sign Him?

According to Phil Rogers (and, I assume, everyone else who was there), Nick Jonas took batting practice with the Cubs prior to today’s makeup game against the Rockies. Phil says there are no plans to give the teeny-bopper heartthrob a shot at the everyday lineup, but I don’t understand why. Here’s the quote from Phil: […]

Cubs and the Interleagues: the Gimmick Is Working

The Cubs just beat the White Sox. It wasn’t the most exciting athletic event of my lifetime. It won’t give me sufficient ammunition to make my White Sox fan friends cry in their Monster energy drinks. I was nervous at exactly zero points during the game. But the game was entertaining. Okay, so I had […]

The Cubs Are Still In It!

Tim is right: 2011 is not the Cubs’ year. (see also: 1909-2010). But not everybody needs to think that way. There are two approaches to being a fan (probably more, but I’m concerning this argument about these two alone . . . unless I get so inspired to consider others; I doubt it): thinking like […]

Random Cubs Notes and Ramblings

The world won’t end today, but by the 5th inning of tonight’s game, you’ll wish it had. The Cubs aren’t just modeling themselves after the Red Sox, they’re four years ahead of the curve. They signed a speedy left fielder with diminishing potential to a gaudy longterm contract long before Theo Epstein made it fashionable. […]