Random Cubs Notes and Ramblings

The world won’t end today, but by the 5th inning of tonight’s game, you’ll wish it had. The Cubs aren’t just modeling themselves after the Red Sox, they’re four years ahead of the curve. They signed a speedy left fielder with diminishing potential to a gaudy longterm contract long before Theo Epstein made it fashionable. […]

The Cubs Are Who We Thought They Were

Tony Campana will remember May 17, 2011 as the day he made his major league debut, the day he scored his first run, notched his first RBI, and delivered the first single of his career. People around the world might remember it as a night with a full moon, particularly if they gave birth, went […]

(Not) Tom Ricketts Clarifies Statements on Attendance

I was a little confused this morning when I read Ed Sherman’s interview with Tom Ricketts. In it, Ricketts said that the Cubs’ meagre attendance numbers had more to do with the soggy weather than the crappy baseball. When you play most of your home games in 45 degrees and it’s wet, I’m sorry, I […]

St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs 5-12

bref previewgameday Jay RF, Craig 2B, Pujols 1B, Holliday LF, Rasmus CF, Molina C, Descalso 3B, Greene SS, Garcia P.Castro SS, Barney 2B, Byrd CF, Ramirez 3B, Baker RF, Peña 1B, Soriano LF, Castillo C, Coleman P Cardinals Can He Hit Scrap Factor Can He Field Do We Hate Him Cubs Can He Hit Scrap […]

Doug Davis to Start for Cubs

I hope you’ve got tickets to Saturday’s Cubs game against the San Francisco Giants, because Doug Davis will be making the start. I hope you do not have dinner reservations afterward.

Cubs Think No One Is Better Than James Russell

It’s not that the Cubs think no pitcher in baseball is better than James Russell. They just think that it’s better to have no one as their fifth starter than to have James Russell occupy the position. Bruce Miles has the story. It’s not a particularly huge revelation by Mike Quade, since he’s only committing […]

Brett Jackson on Talkin’ Baseball

This past Saturday Cubs prospect Brett Jackson spoke with Bruce Levine and Fred Huebner on their weekly radio show Talkin’ Baseball. You can <a target="_blank" href=" “>download the episode as a podcast or listen online. He’s a pretty good interview, so it’s worth a listen, but I wanted to post a small portion of what he […]

Starlin Castro, Get Your Act Together

Starlin Castro is the best player the Cubs have, but he does some idiotic things on the baseball field that are going to destroy the Chicago Cubs if he doesn’t learn to stop. I don’t care about his fielding. He could make an error a day every day for the rest of the season and […]

Royal Wedding Thread

Prince William and Catherine Middleton are getting married in about four and a half hours from the time of this post. You can watch it here with all your closest fellow royal wedding fans. This is a safe, welcoming place to enjoy it all. Savor every moment. Right here, with, us.

Measuring Heart: A Scale of 1 to Santo

Executive Chairperson-in-Chief via Proxy cum Laude slash Editor’s note: I offered the chance to pick a post topic in exchange for American Idol results. Emily came through for me and picked the topic “Santo!” I found it to be a perfectly timed suggestion. Thanks, Emily, for not forcing me to compromise my already discredited journablogistic […]

Expand the Playoffs ASAP

Major League Baseball should add more playoff teams. Now. And they shouldn’t stop at just one more wild card team. They might as well add two and force one of the division winners to prove themselves with an extra postseason round.  Bud Selig reiterated this week his belief that the playoff field would expand to […]

Ten Things I’d Be Happy Never To Hear Cubs Fans Say Again

I don’t want to presume to tell you how to be a fan, but . . . here I am doing just that. I’m just trying to be helpful. And like so many other people whose attempts at helpfulness produce nothing but aggravation, I’m willing to take that risk for you. I’m a giver. What […]

Cubs Player Power Rankings

There are plenty of places you can go to read team power rankings for all of Major League Baseball. I believe most respectable bloggers and journalists are required by the code of moot speculation to incite as many arguments as possible by haphazardly or systematically arranging the teams from best to crappiest.  Two things prevent […]

Obstructed View Merchandise: A Dream Come True UPDATED

Every 1.8 seconds, a child in the Chicagoland metropolitan area makes a wish—and not just any wish. A wish to see the Chicago Cubs play on the hallowed ground of Wrigley Field. For the lucky ones, that wish is granted without a second thought. But not every child has two parents with six-figure salaries. Some […]

Can’t-Lose Thursday: Random Points of Hopefulness

The Cubs can’t lose today. Nary a single Cubbie appendix has ruptured. Starlin Castro hasn’t been put in timeout yet. Alfonso Soriano leads the league in homers. Wrigley Field hasn’t had chunks of itself fly off in several months. Albert Pujols‘ free agent value has tumbled to $299 million. No new Nicolas Cage movies are […]

5 Cubs Trends Sure to End

The Cubs are five games into the 2011 season, so naturally we know everything we need to know about this team. But for anyone who thinks the sample size isn’t quite large enough to draw conclusions, I just want to correct a few lies the opening weekend may have told us. For the record, I […]

Ten Things I Shouldn’t Have to Tell Cubs Fans (But I Do)

I had the pleasure of seeing the Cubs on Opening Day yesterday along with Julie and Deb of Aerys Sports and Ana from Accidentally Sexy, and a lot of cool people* willing to get soaked and chilled in order to show us a good time. But along the way I came into contact with more than a few […]

Opening Day in the Time of Cholera

It’s Opening Day in Major League Baseball, one day before the Cubs officially begin to toy with our hopes in earnest. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to brace myself for the plunge into denial with a look at the reasons we keep coming back to this team, reasons that really aren’t unique to […]