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6/18/15 Game Thread (Cubs v. Indians)

Here we go again. Our game thread may or may not have contributed to the 17-0 destruction of the Cleveland Indians last night. It’s hard to say. If Al’s hats have some sort of bearing on the fortune of this team, surely the 165th best and most discredited Cubs blog’s first game thread in ages could […]

Paul & Deadspin, the Cubs Threw Out Your Crap Narrative

We all know the Cubs don’t have the most sparkling reputation. I’ve spent the better part of my internet life mocking the Cubs for both epic failures on the field and hilarious escapades off the field. I won’t even bother listing all the ways the Cubs have provided entertainment of an embarrassing nature and just […]

Cubs Blogger Loses His Sandwich and Mind Over Cubs Latest Dick Move

The Cubs have finally pushed Alvin beyond the brink of what he can accept. He can accept years and years and years of a sucky team with no real plan in place to ever change that. He can accept that his seat 400 feet away from home plate now costs as much or more than […]

2015 Cubs Baseball is Coming

Pitchers and catchers report for the Cubs in three days. Based on tweets from Carrie Muskat, it looks like quite a few players are already in Mesa: Need a shot of spring? Lester, Wood, Motte, Arrieta doing drills.

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Cubs Nation Says Farewell to Mr. Cub

Ernie Banks’ career had just ended when I was born, so I never had the pleasure of seeing him play and I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but nevertheless he will always be the first player I think about when you say “Chicago Cubs.” Ernie transcended his accomplishments on the field and that […]

Post-Convention Post

Another Cubs Convention is in the books and the Cubs did their usual nice job of building the embers of hope into an actual flame. This is a time when Cubs fans get to speak and they did not disappoint. The first THREE questions from fans weren’t even questions, but statements thanking and praising the Ricketts […]

Cubs Fans Convening Conventionally Again

The Cubs Convention is many things, but different is not one of them. John McDonough’s template has been used for 29 years with very few changes, so for the 30th iteration, they’ll stick with what isn’t broken. Cubs fans aren’t exactly known for their ability to roll with change, so it’s not like I can […]

Yellon Gets BOFA’d on Twitter and It’s the Best Thing

If you’re not familiar, BOFA is the next incarnation of up dog. “What’s up dog?” you might say. NOT MUCH, WHAT’S UP WITH YOU?! Get it? Well, BOFA is very similar and you can see how it plays out between Twitter user, and American hero, @J_Mendoza8, and everyone’s favorite bologna aficionado, Alvin Yellon: Nailed it. […]

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And Now His Cubs Watch Has Ended

My baseball family suffered the loss today of our most senior and most loved member, Mike Lagattuta. Mike loved singing. He loved Italian food. He loved teaching. He loved his friends as he loved family. And he loved the Cubs. He grew up in the Wrigley neighborhood and he would tell us stories of getting out […]

Hire Joe Maddon?

Joe Maddon exercised his option to leave the Tampa Bay Rays today and is now a free agent manager looking for his next job. Almost immediately after the news came out, multiple reports from guys like Buster Olney, Ken Rosenthal and others linked the Cubs to being interested in Maddon. Cubs Twitter, as it does, […]

Giants Defeat Cardinals for NL Pennant

The 2014 version of Cardinal Devil Magic died tonight in San Francisco as Travis Ishikawa tore the head off, burned the corpse, and dumped the ashes of it in holy water with his walk-off three-run homerun. In the aftermath, @BestFansStLouis was happy to find a Cardinals fan to provide the eulogy: FUCK YOU GIANTS FUCK […]

Chicago Cubs (64-76) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (71-68)

While the Cubs have done their best to help Pittsburgh out in their quest to reach the playoffs for the second year in a row, the Pirates haven’t done much to help themselves lately. The Cubs swept the previously first place Brewers, but at the same time, the Pirates got swept by the Cardinals. So […]

Don’t Say the Cubs Never Listen to You

The people have spoken and the Cubs have heard the pleas from their fans. The people wanted change and times they are a’changin’. No, Kris Bryant isn’t coming up. No, they are not getting rid of Clark the Cub. No, they aren’t adding better beer options in the stadium. No, Al, they aren’t going to […]

With Baez Coming Up, Shit is Getting Real, Yo

Sometime in the nearish future (by Cubs drought standards), if the Cubs manage to win a World Series we may look back at today as the day the franchise began turning around at the major league level. This is not to say that Javier Baez will singularly lift the Cubs franchise on his back Sammy […]