2013 Cubs Prospects In Review: Christian Villanueva

Christian Villanueva came to the Cubs in the Ryan Dempster deal at the 2012 trade deadline. A J2 signing by the rangers in 2008, Villanueva cuts a less than imposing figure, standing 5'11-160. His 2011 campaign hinted at the potential for surprising pop, however, as he ISO'd .186 for the Rangers' Low-A Hickory affiliate. Combined with his […]

2013 Cubs Prospects in Review: Neil Ramirez

Neil Ramirez was drafted in the supplemental first round of the 2007 Draft (44th overall). He turned 24 at the end of May so he's not exactly young. He's 6-4 and weighs 190 pounds and is a right-handed starting pitcher. The Cubs acquired him, along with Mike Olt, Justin Grimm and CJ Edwards for Matt […]

Race to the Top: The Cubs (Probably) Won’t Lose 100 This Year

The Cubs can probably kiss even the #2 pick away as they failed to gain any ground on the Marlins as they remain 6.5 games behind Miami.  The Cubs are actually closer to falling out of the Top 10 draft picks altogether (5 games) than they are to catching Miami. As I mentioned last week, […]

Race to the Top: Winning Games, Losing Ground

The Cubs lost 3 and won 4 games since the last time we checked in, so while this doesn't really qualify as a winning trend, it didn't really help the Cubs in their quest for as high a draft pick as possible: Houston has kept a strong grip on the overall #1 pick, and gained […]

Race to the Top (of the 2014 Draft)

Welcome back to the 3rd installment of OV's annual Race to the Top series! This has become an extremely fun tradition where we flip the stadings upside down, reverse wins and losses and track the Cubs "progress" towards achieving the top draft pick in the next draft! We sure do know how to have fun […]

A PEDs Apology I’d Love to See, But Won’t

Well, Ryan Braun issued an apology. It was very apologetic. He apologized to everyone. Fans, teammates, the Brewers organization, sponsors, Bud Selig, the urine collector… anyone anywhere that has ever heard of Ryan Braun has now been apologized to. In a written statement. Personally, I don't care how he delivered his apology. He could have […]

Crazy Uncle Phil Says the Cubs Care Not For IFA Spending Restrictions

Phil Rogers tweeted out a Sulia link, which I normally avoid on principle, but Bleacher Nation Brett insisted was interesting, so I clicked it. Brett was right. Phil is claiming the Cubs don't really give a damn that they are over their allotted pool money already and that they aren't necessarily done signing international guys. […]

Where Is Our Breaking Point as Cubs Fans?

I went to the game last night to see the big Cingrani vs. Garza matchup that, while not exactly the pitching porn of a Verlander vs. Darvish or Wainwright vs. Kershaw matchup, I had hoped it would be at least a Cinemax softcore pitching porn display.  Unfortunately, it ended up being more of a pitching snuff film from […]

The Crosstown Classic: Two Teams, One Cup, Zero Fucks Given

From what I'm seeing on Twitter, we're talking about the Crosstown Cup already. Oh goody. To borrow from the late, great Roger Ebert: I hate this series. I hate hate hate hate hate this series. Hate it. Hate every simpering stupid vacant fan-insulting moment of it. Hate the sensibility that thought anyone would still like it. Hate the implied insult to […]

Talking Cubs/Mets on the Met Musings Podcast

I had an opportunity to join Gary McDonald on his Mets Musings podcast earlier today to talk a bit about the Cubs as we get ready to see Matt Harvey and the Mets this weekend at Wrigley Field.  My part starts at about the 20 minute mark, but before that Gary talks about Ike Davis' struggles […]

The Only Thing Tom Ricketts Threatened Was Some People’s Delicate Sensibilities

The Cubs released more renderings of what they would like Wrigley to look like after the renovations they've been planning for four years are complete. There was nothing earth-shattering. We already knew what a jumbo video board would theoretically look like thanks to amateur fans with Photoshop skills. This version had lights on the top […]

Mr. Zambrano Goes to Wrigley (Maybe?)

ESPN free-lance reporter, and all-around good guy, Sahadev Sharma tweeted out one of the more interesting Cubs tweets I have seen in quite awhile: Big Z just pulled into Wrigley players parking lot. No joke. I'm assuming he's just visiting… or looking for a job.

This Year OV Has TWO Discredited Non-Classy Tournament Picking Options

I've always loved and hated doing brackets for the NCAA Tournament. On one hand, I'm not a huge college hoops follower, so having a bracket or two gives me rooting interests and makes the games between teams I generally couldn't care less about, a heck of a lot more fun. But on the other hand, […]

Top Ten Rejected 2013 Cubs Slogans

The Cubs unveiled their new marketing slogan the other day and simultaneously churned Twitter into a furious snarky froth with "Committed." Frankly, I think "Committed" is right up there with "It's a Way of Life" as most mockable slogans the Cubs have come up with under the Ricketts. It took Twitter about 10 seconds to […]