Daily Facepalm 2.14.2012

Cubs May or May Not Have Added a Cuban We're still on Jorge Soler watch, which I suspect will result in a brand new member of the "Putting Cub in Cuban" club. All the stories supposedly shooting down the van Dyck article suggesting the Cubs have a tentative deal in place basically restate what the […]

Daily Facepalm 2.9.2012. – Cubs: The Musical

WGN Radio Wants YOU WGN is having a song-writing contest to find their next rah-rah Cubs tune to play before, after, and during Cubs games and on a nonstop loop inside Judd Sirott's headset. All you have to do is record your song and send an mp3 of it to If you'd like, I […]

Daily Facepalm 2-8-2012: Numerology

Campana's Number 1! With Fukudome now saving face in free agency, Tony Campana has claimed the number 1 spot in the jersey lottery. Still think he should be wearing 5/8, but whatevs. In other numerical reassignments, Matt Garza has changed from 17 to 22, apparently to match the regularly changing arbitration numbers that have since […]

DFP 2.7.2012

DeStubbled I hope you're happy, beat writers. I hope you find some sick pleasure in running another Cubs legend out of town by crucifying him with broken prose. Maybe you live in some alternate universe where it's okay to violate a man's privacy and print things like his baseball stats and the lack of influence […]

Daily Facepalm: II.VI.MMXII

Rammy Gave All He Had Maybe Mike Quade had his fishing interrupted by Daryl Van Schouen of the Sun Times, so naturally he was in a less than fantastic mood. It appears the dearth of news has hit Chicago's sportswriters like the economy has hit first-half America (we can relate, Daryl), so the Sun Times […]

Daily Facepalm Returns with a Fiery Vengeance

Cubs and Matt Garza Agree to Terms It's no longterm contract extension, but the Cubs are tweeting that they've agreed to terms for 2012 with Matt Garza, thereby sticking it to the arbitor. Hurrah.  

Daily Facepalm 1-31-12: Um . . .

UPDATE: Yankees Hire Jim Hendry According to Bruce Levine, the New York Yankees have hired Jim Hendry as special assistant to Brian Cashman. Good news, Yankees. there will always be doughnuts.  LOOGY The Cubs signed ex-everything left-handed reliever Trever Miller to a minor league contract, and he'll be yet another non-roster invitee to spring training. […]

DFP 1-12-30: He Saw It All

In Peace Henry Widegren was the rarest of Cubs fans. A lot of people can say they’re the biggest fan or the craziest fan or the fan least likely to succeed (I’m not sure why people would say such things, but they can without any real basis for dispute), but Henry could boast of something few […]

DFP: The Friday Five, 1-27-12

  Top Ten Signs the Cubs Might Contend This Year The Cubs aren’t that good. They were bad last year, and they haven’t taken any dramatic steps forward this offseason. They haven’t even taken very many marginally impressive steps forward. Baby steps maybe? LMFAO shuffling steps, perhaps, but this train ain’t pulling out of Losing-Season […]

DFP: Brett’s Number 5

Cinco City Brett Jackson is the number 5 OF prospect in all of baseball, according to's rankings. also ranked two guys in the Cubs system, newly acquired Anthony Rizzo and Dan Vogelbach, as the number 1 and number 10 1B prospects. In related news: MLB is ranking prospects. Of what value is this […]

Daily Facepalm

New Feature Since the proliferation of blogworthy Cubs news and content seemingly never ceases to exceed the capacity of this blog and threatens to overwhelm the bandwidth of even the most casual Cubs fan, we here at the Obstructed View corporate offices decided it was time to have a daily dump of Cubs crap bulletin […]

The Twelve Days of Cubsmas

On the first day of Cubsmas, my Theo gave to me . . . A non-tendered thumbless Koyie.   On the second day of Cubsmas, my Theo gave to me . . . Two who are those guys, and a non-tendered thumbless Koyie. On the third day of Cubsmas, my Theo gave to me . […]

How I learned to stop worrying and love the big contract

Alfonso Soriano‘s contract was an idiotic move that sank the Cubs into an economic impasse. I’d like to congratulate myself officially for expressing that sentiment for the 1 billionth time. While the confetti falls and the celebratory fireworks explode, I just want to point out one problem with that notion that fuels so many protests […]

Theo’s First Mistake

It’s still really early in the Era of the Super Friends, so the opportunities for Theo and the Wonder Twins to screw up have been minimal so far. Maybe you disagreed with the firing of Quade (you should open your mouth a little wider when you speak). You weren’t alone if you wished Ryne Sandberg […]