Your chance to be Robin Williams

Last year, Brett of Bleacher Nation did a great thing. He blogged for 36 straight hours in the name of charity, all in the name of a pledge drive to Make-A-Wish Illinois. All told, he raised $12,451, all on the backs of kind Cubs fans everywhere. To put that into perspective, that would buy 458 […]

On the Lack of Bears Coverage

Hello everyone. The astute among you will notice that I haven't done anything for football in the past few weeks. This is sort-of intentional, sort of not.  Last week, my wife and daughter were both pretty sick. I had to care for them both, so I decided against writing something for that game (especially because […]

Talking Cubs/Mets on the Met Musings Podcast

I had an opportunity to join Gary McDonald on his Mets Musings podcast earlier today to talk a bit about the Cubs as we get ready to see Matt Harvey and the Mets this weekend at Wrigley Field.  My part starts at about the 20 minute mark, but before that Gary talks about Ike Davis' struggles […]

Wrigley Talk Friday: OMG! WTF is NSFW FTW – 9-7-12

The latest Wrigley Talk Friday is easily in my Top 5 of all time, and I'm having a hard time thinking of any that I enjoyed more off the top of my head.  Get out the earmuffs for the kids because Adam sounded like he was working from a Tarantino script as he voiced his […]

Pirates fail to sign first round pick, Mark Appel

The Pirates failed to reach an agreement with their first round pick today. Mark Appel was considered a possibility to be taken first overall, but instead dropped to 8th when the Pirates drafted him. Here is what Neal Huntington said about the Pirates decision. “Our final offer exceeded the available bonus pool money and was […]