Cubs 10th in BP's "Top Talents 25-and-under" list

I won't print the whole list because it's pay only (seriously, get a subscription already). I will, however, show the NL Central. 1. St. Louis Cardinals (fuck) 4. Pittsburgh Pirates (fuck) 10. Chicago Cubs 23. Cincinnati Reds 29. Milwaukee Brewers A few thoughts: Fuck, are the Cardinals good. They are #1 with a bullet; compounding […]

WAR from draft picks 2011-2013

Angels: -0.7 WAR (2 players) Astros: 0.0 WAR Athletics: 1.4 WAR (Sonny Gray) Blue Jays: -0.2 WAR(Kevin Pillar) Braves: 0.8 WAR (Alex Wood) Brewers: 0.0 WAR Cardinals: 2.9 WAR (3 players) Cubs: 0.0 WAR (2010 has none, also. Best prospect remaining is Matt Szczur. What a terrible draft. Oh, we also got -0.5 WAR from […]

Cubs 2014 Payroll: $84.5 million

This is the team, minus Jason Hammel. Let's take a look at the numbers. The opening day payroll in 2013 was $104,150,726. This would represent a decrease of 18.9%. In 2013 figures, $84.5 million would be 19th in the majors. They would be 4th in the NL Central (Pittsburgh is last in the Central with […]

Daytona Cubs named Baseball America's 2013 Minor League Team of the Year

In what seems to me to be a fairly unsurprising choice, Baseball America named the Daytona Cubs as 2013's Minor League Team of the Year. The article is free here, and absolutely worth a read. The important part: The season included special moments such as shortstop Javier Baez’s four home run effort on June 10 […]

2013 Baseball America Top Prospects Teaser

Baseball America is one of the leading providers of minor league baseball content. Today, their list came out for the Cubs top prospects. I'm going to tease the list here, and ask you to please support them by subscribing. 1. Javier Baez 2. Kris Bryant 3. C.J. Edwards 4. Albert Almora 5. Jorge Soler 6. […]

On the Lack of Bears Coverage

Hello everyone. The astute among you will notice that I haven't done anything for football in the past few weeks. This is sort-of intentional, sort of not.  Last week, my wife and daughter were both pretty sick. I had to care for them both, so I decided against writing something for that game (especially because […]

Orange Is The New Black, Reviewed

Prison Dramedy: More Arrested Development, Less Oz Orange is the New Black, the breakout Netflix original series, is a very good show. Even if you don’t like the first episode (a little too slow and bleak for my tastes), keep at it. When you are finished, feel free to come back and read this review; it contains […]

Something about Brad Ausmus replacing Dale Sveum

I don't really care whether or not Brad Ausmus replaces Dale Sveum, but someone here might so here's what Julie has to say. I didn't read it all and don't care because it's just rearranging deck chairs. If it happens, it's not a big deal. Zero wins added. O deck chairs added.

Cubs Dominate Northwest League Top Prospect List

The first "wave of talent" is almost here, and by that, I mean Baez/Alcantara. The next wave may not be that far afterwards. Baseball America placed 6 Cubs on the list of the Top 20 Prospects of the Northwest League. #1 Kris Bryant #7 Paul Blackburn #9 Yasiel Balaguert #10 Dillon Maples #12 Shawon Dunston, Jr. […]

New Store Updates

I'm still adding new stuff to the store. Let me know what products you'd like to see. I added an Obstructed View sign section and a special product just for WaLi. We aim to please here at Obstructed View.

Hope Monster shirts

Added a bunch of Hope Monster T-shirts to the store. Let me know if like the design or would like other, related designs: other text, specific comics, etc.