DBacks Looking for SS, Veteran SP, 3B

Awhile back we were kicking around trade ideas for Justin Upton from the Diamondbacks. GM Kevin Towers' postseason press conference confirms much of our speculation: Towers identified shortstop (no surprise), a veteran starter (mild surprise), third baseman (mild surprise) and bullpen help (no surprise) as his off-season wish list. I’m not sure if that’s in […]

Cubs tickets are not selling for peanuts

The Slanch Report suggests that Cubs tickets are selling for peanuts. Julie posted the other day you can get tickets for 9 cents. I wondered how accurate it would be to say they were selling for peanuts so I went over to Google Shopping to find out. Turns out the cheapest Planters Peanuts you can […]

Road to 100 losses

The Cubs currently have 95 losses with 8 games to play. PECOTA projects them to go 3-5 over the final week of the season giving them a final record of 62-100. Only the 1962 and 1966 Cubs have lost more than 98 games (each team lost 103). The Cubs would have to go 5-3 just […]

Vitters’ -12 wRC+

Baseball, sports and insensitivity

Mercurial Outfielder posted a link to this thoughtful article on The Platoon Advantage. “You are a Faggot.” That was Escobar’s message to anyone that came within ten feet of him or owned a high-resolution camera lens. It was a message that was understood by those who speak Spanish or the ability to Google, and no […]

Brett Jackson has more strikeouts than Darwin Barney

Brett Jackson has struckout 53 times in 125 plate appearances. Darwin Barney has struckout just 50 times in 540 plate appearances. Jackson has more strikeouts on the Cubs than all players but Alfonso Soriano, Bryan LaHair, Starlin Castro and David DeJesus. By the way, can we stop referring to Castro as a contact hitter? How […]

Fangraphs and the grammar police

Tangotiger posted something the other day asking readers if they liked Fangraphs. There were mixed reviews. Since I know you want to know what I think, here's what I wrote: I visit Fangraphs and B-Ref daily. I’d say most days I visit each site more than once. However, I rarely visit Fangraphs for anything other […]

Wrigley Talk Friday: The Return of Julie (for awhile) – 9-14-12

This week we welcome back Julie after a long absence and came to the conclusion that we still don't really know what to make of Jeff Samardzija after a full year. We also wonder how much longer the Cubs' season ticket waiting list can remain in the six digit range while the Cubs lose in […]

New WBC rules

I had either forgotten about the expanded field in the upcoming WBC or I don't recall reading about it. Patriot has a rundown of some of the rule changes in this article about lots of different things. For the first time, four spots in the sixteen team field will be up for grabs. The twelve […]

Jonathan Mayo’s top 100 prospects (and top 20 Cubs prospects)

Despite promoting top prospects Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson this year, the Cubs still managed to land five guys on Mayo's top 100 list. (EDIT: Apparently Jackson still qualifies for the list) For those too lazy to click through Javier Baez (24) Albert Almora (52) Bert Jackson (74) Arodys Vizcaino (76) Jorge Soler (77) Cubs […]