Tigers sign Prince Fielder to silly contract

The Tigers signed Prince Fielder to a 9 year, $214 million contract yesterday. Scott Boras did his client well in getting him nearly $24 million per year. My first thought when I heard of this contract was that it had to be the worst contract in baseball history. The only other contract that blew my […]

10 best pitching seasons in my lifetime

The only Cubs news is that the team has brought back Kerry Wood on a 1-year deal. The contract includes a club option for $3 million in 2013. Since there’s not much to talk about regarding the Cubs, I thought I’d post the 10 best pitching seasons in my lifetime as measured by rWAR. I […]

Barry Larkin Voted Into Hall of Fame, BBWAA Tells All Others to GTFO

Barry Larkin joined the ghost of Ron Santo as the only inductees in the 2012 class of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Below are the final vote totals: Barry Larkin 495 (86.4%) Jack Morris 382 (66.7%) Jeff Bagwell 321 (56.0%) Lee Smith 290 (50.6%) Tim Raines 279 (48.7%) Edgar Martinez 209 (36.5%)  Alan Trammell 211 […]

Lee Smith and the Hall of Fame

Let me start out by saying that I do not think Lee Smith should be in the Hall of Fame. I had trouble with the idea that Bruce Sutter was a Hall of Famer, but at least one could point to his perfection of the split-fingered fastball and argue he had a significant contribution on […]

Cheatingiest Cheating Cheater

Barry Bonds was sentenced today. The Barry Bonds case is over. Bonds, as we speak, is being sentenced. The penalty: 30 days of house arrest, two years of probation and 250 hours of community service.  This, by the way, is what the probation office recommended. Prosecutors were seeking a 15 month jail term. Meanwhile, the US government wasted […]

How much is Prince Fielder worth?

We’ve talked a lot about Albert Pujols and taken a look at his value, but I don’t believe we’ve done so with Fielder. Apparently many executives think he’ll sign with the Cubs. I’m not optimistic about it, but it’s worth looking at anyway. CAIRO projects 4.4 WAR while Oliver projects 4.0. Let’s split the difference […]

How does losing Pujols and Fielder affect the Cardinals and Brewers?

The short answer to this question is that it doesn’t affect them that much. If the Cardinals were willing to spend $22.5 million on Pujols (10 year, $225 million offer) they still have that $22.5 million available to spend on free agent talent. If a win costs $5 million in 2012, that buys 4.5 wins. […]

Albert Pujols Goes to Play For Angels Team That Hardly Ever Plays the Cubs

  The news this morning really couldn’t be much better. Albert Pujols will most likely finish his career in the American League West, where his damage to the Cubs will be minimal.  He will, however, still be able to torment the Houston Astros. Now all we need is for Fielder to sign with the Mariners. […]

Dumb things I’ve heard today on MLB Network

These are not exact quotes, but here are just a few of the dumbass things I’ve heard today while MLB Network has been on. If Josh Johnson is healthy over 162 games, he makes every other starting pitcher better. Yeah, a guy pitching one day makes the guy pitching two days later better. That makes […]

How much is Pujols worth?

There’s a very big image attached below. I think it mostly explains itself. I apologize for the poor formatting, but I didn’t care too much to make it that neat. The image contains numerous ways to estimate 7, 8 and 9 year contracts for Albert Pujols. I stuck with a -.5 WAR aging curve. I […]

New CBA notes

We needed a new thread and I’ve been busy this weekend so you get a link to MLB Trade Rumors about the new CBA. minimum salary will increased from $414,000 to $480,000 next year and $500,000 after that. Super Two cutoff is now the 22% with the most service time between 2 and 3 years […]

Last night’s game IS a classic

I was scrolling the page here and noticed a tweet last night by Berselius: A poorly defended, poorly pitched, poorly managed game might be exciting, but it’s no classic. This is a terrible display of baseball. – MO I couldn’t disagree more. Games don’t become classics because of how well they were played. There’s generally […]

Rangers @ Cardinals, Game 1 Open Thread

Berselius has fallen short of his duties around Obstructed View and failed to provide our wonderful readers with a World Series Preview. Because of his laziness, we are giving away extremely cheap subscriptions to Obstructed View. Just send $1 to the OV Offices nearest you. CJ Wilson vs Chris Carpenter tonight