2014 Cubs: Can They Compete?

dmick89 has finally been cured! Not of his back problems, but of his boundless optimism for all things Cubs. That article is more-or-less required reading for this article, but I'll very quickly sum it up and say that there isn't a whole lot of hope that the Cubs are going to be actual contenders next […]

Cubs Projected Standings

This is the the NL Central for a few of the projection systems as of 5/31/13: FanGraphs Cards 95-67 Reds 89-73* Pirates 89-73* Cubs 76-86 Brewers 73-89 Cubs finish in a 3-way tie for 7th in Race To The Top (Padres, Royals) Chance of 90 or more wins: 0.49% 95% confidence interval: 67-85 wins BP Cards […]

Congrats mikeakaelroy!

The 2013 Bunt Tournament: Bunt Harder has come to a close, and mikeakaelroy is our champion! He is now the proud owner or The Book on baseball, by resident Cubs genius Tom Tango. Thanks to everyone who participated, and hopefully the Cubs hold another tournament next year so we can do this again. Our boy […]