The first annual OV MLB Team Auction

At the Obstructed View headquarters last night in Damascus (office space is pretty cheap right now), GW, Myles, Berselius, Aisle424 and myself got together to take part in an auction. The auction was Myles's and GW's idea so we have to them thank for it.  We each had $126 and went through all 30 teams […]

Review of baseball themed slots game "hot shot"

Playing online casino games is a fantastic way to pass the time while at home, this is because all you need some sort of device such as a phone, tablet or computer. Once you have these you can play any number of different casino games as most on my casinos have hundreds to choose from. […]

Cubs free agent contest

I'll just say right now that there is nothing to win, but bragging rights. So if you're someone wanting to win something, well, we can give you a Kyuji Fujikawa bobblehead and that's it. Seriously, if you really want the bobblehead, we'll send it along. So if that's incentive, great. Otherwise, there is none. It's […]

New Server

After weeks of problems, we've moved to a new host. All of you will have to hit the lost password on the sidebar to reset your password. Apologies for the problems we've had in recent weeks.

Server Migration Today

Just a heads up that Hostgator, our web host, is migrating us to a newer and better server today. There could be some downtime, but there should not be a lot of it. This post will self-destruct once we are on the new server.

OV Forum Update

When we first started our forum we used a plugin that didn't end up working well with a later theme we used so we switched to bbpress. In the process, about 2500 posts were lost, which has always bugged me. I keep Another Cubs Blog around because it's content that myself and others spent a […]

Obstructed View Projections Contest Results

Prior to the start of the season we set up an over/under projections contest. It was rather extensive so fewer people than we'd hoped entered the contest. Plus, there aren't all that many people who are dying to have an Obstructed View t-shirt. There just aren't. Really, trust us. It was a long survey. We […]

Obstructed View is now responsive

If there's been one thing about our move to WordPress that has irritated us the most, it's the lack of mobile options. There are several, but each comes with their drawbacks. Most recently we learned there were some issues with the mobile theme we were using. It wasn't anything major, but enough of an issue […]

Because We Have To

The winner of the Obstructed View Unofficially Official 2013 Chicago Cubs Slogan* Contest has been chosen. There were so many great entries, in a way you are all winners, but in a more accurate way, there was only the one winner.  By virtue of a plurality of the popular vote by our readers (and possibly […]

Congratulations to our finalists – 2 Days Left to Vote

As we've said before, the finalists for the OV Slogan Contest are in, but we haven't officially officially announced who came up with those five fabulous slogans. They all win copies of the Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD Series and a chance at an Obstructed View t-shirt or OV personal grooming tool. So […]

Vote for our 2013 slogan

We have chosen the 5 finalists and each person responsible for writing it will receive a copy of The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs. We're letting you vote on the winner who will also receive an Obstructed View t-shirt. Voting is open on Facebook through next Wednesday. You can access the poll directly by […]

Slogan Contest Update: Ten Tips to Help You Win

#reminder { background: #BECDC6; padding: 6px; font-size: 12px; margin: 0px 12px 8px 12px; } Contest reminder: Don't forget to enter our contest to win The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD set. It runs through Sunday, August 19. Okay, we've already received a truckload of entries for our 2013 Cubs slogan contest. First of […]

The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD Contest

This past season we used the slogan "This is a year" for the Cubs. Since the season is ending the new one unofficially beginning when this one does end, so it's time for a new slogan. We're going to let you guys come up with it. The winners will receive The Essential Games of the […]

This is a year

A year ago today we joined together to start Obstructed View. We could write about our individual thoughts over the last year, but a blog is a community. We've published over 730 articles and there have been more than 85,000 comments left on them. Your participation makes this much more enjoyable for us. So thanks […]

Obstructed View on WordPress Wish List

I know several people have already mentioned things they’d like added to the site. We’ll try to add some of those features. Some of them we may not be able to add. Some of them we may not like and not want to implement. Others may be too resource intensive. We’d like to know what […]