100 Walks

Here's something interesting I discovered today: Starlin Castro has exactly 100 career walks. 

Here's the breakdown:

29 in 2010

35 in 2011

36 in 2012

63 in Wrigley Field

6 in Great American (next highest)

55 times with the bases empty

12 times with just a man on first or just a man on second (next highest, tied)

0 times with the bases loaded

72 times when the Cubs were tied or trailing

38 times on just 4 pitches (14 intentional walks)

33 times on 6 or more pitches (fouled off at least once)

1 time on 10 pitches – the Cubs were down 10-5 against the White Sox against Scott Linebrink. It didn't help.

1 3-walk game

9 2-walk games

One time (09-18-2010), Colvin scored on a walk, but the bases weren't loaded. There were men on first and second, and Colvin advanced home on E-2. That run tied the game, Castro would later score the insurance run, and the Cubs would win 5-3.

22 walks in high-leverage situations.

It took Castro 1912 plate appearances to get his first 100 walks. Adam Dunn drew 105 walks this year, in 649 plate appearances.

Castro's last walk took place on the last game of the season. The Cubs were tied in the bottom of the ninth with 2 men on and 2 outs. Castro walked on 5 pitches, and LaHair singled in the winning run. 

Congrats, Starlin, on 100. Here's to 900 more.