2013 Cubs Payroll

Since the 2012 season is coming to a close soon I figured it might be a good idea to look and see what the Cubs have on their books next year as far as player salaries go. This post will be updated and available on the menu. Here you go.

Pitchers DOB B/T Ht/Wt 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Jeff Beliveau 01/17/87 L-L 6'1"/195                
Michael Bowden 09/09/86 R-R 6’3”/215                
Jacob Brigham 02/10/88 R-R 6’3”/210                
Alberto Cabrera 10/25/88 R-R 6’4”/210                
Shawn Camp 11/18/75 R-R 6’0”/205                
Lendy Castillo 04/08/89 S-R 6’1”/170                
Jaye Chapman 05/22/87 R-R 6’0”/195                
Casey Coleman 07/03/87 L-R 6’0”/185                
Gerardo Concepcion 1 02/29/92 L-L 6’2”/180 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6        
Manuel Corpas 12/03/82 R-R 6’3”/210                
Rafael Dolis 01/10/88 R-R 6’4”/215                
Matt Garza 11/26/83 R-R 6’4”/215 Arb. 4              
Justin Germano 08/06/82 R-R 6’2”/210                
Carlos Marmol 10/14/82 R-R 6’2”/215 9.8              
Marcos Mateo 04/18/84 R-R 6’1”/220                
Blake Parker 06/19/85 R-R 6’3”/225                
Brooks Raley 06/29/88 L-L 6’3”/185                
Chris Rusin 10/22/86 L-L 6’2”/195                
James Russell 01/08/86 L-L 6’4”/200 Arb. 1              
Jeff Samardzija 01/23/85 R-R 6’5”/225 Arb. 1              
Miguel Socolovich 07/24/86 R-R 6’1”/190                
Arodys Vizcaino 11/13/90 R-R 6’0”/190                
Chris Volstad 09/23/86 R-R 6’8”/230 Arb. 2              
Travis Wood 02/06/87 R-L 5’11”/175                
Catchers DOB B/T Ht/Wt 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Welington Castillo 04/24/87 R-R 5’10”/210                
Steve Clevenger 04/05/86 L-R 6’0”/195                
Anthony Recker 08/29/83 R-R 6’2”/240                
Infielders DOB B/T Ht/Wt 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Darwin Barney 11/08/85 R-R 5’10”/185                
Adrian Cardenas 10/10/87 L-R 6’0”/205                
Starlin Castro 2 03/24/90 R-R 6’0”/190 5 5 6 7 9 10 11 16
Junior Lake 03/27/90 R-R 6’2”/215                
Anthony Rizzo 08/08/89 L-L 6’3”/220                
Ian Stewart 04/05/85 L-R 6’3”/215                
Luis Valbuena 11/30/85 L-R 5’10”/195                
Josh Vitters 08/27/89 R-R 6’2”/200                
Outfielders DOB B/T Ht/Wt 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Tony Campana 05/30/86 L-L 5’8”/185                
David DeJesus 3 12/20/79 L-L 5’11”/190 4.25 6.5            
Brett Jackson 08/02/88 L-R 6’2”/210                
Bryan LaHair 11/05/82 L-R 6’5”/240                
Joe Mather 07/23/82 R-R 6’4”/215                
Dave Sappelt 01/02/87 R-R 5’9”/193                
Jorge Soler 4 02/25/92 R-R 6’3”/205 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4
Alfonso Soriano 01/07/76 R-R 6’1”/195 18 18            
Matthew Szczur 07/20/89 R-R 6’1”/195                


1: Concepcion received a $3 million signing bonus and the other $3 million is spread evenly over the 5-year contract
2: Castro received a $6 million signing bonus. If the 2020 option is declined the Cubs would pay a $1 million buyout.

3: If DeJesus' 2014 option for $6.5 million is declined by the Cubs, there would be a $1.5 million buyout for the team.
4: Soler receieved a $6 million signing bonus, half of which has been paid and the other half due by 1/13/13. He can opt out and become arbitration eligible if or when that happens.

The Cubs have $41 million on the books for 6 players, two of which won't be at the big league level.


Russell and Samardzija are first year arbitration eligible. Russell has been making near league minimum and I figure Sean Marshall is a good place to start to estimate what Russell will earn next year. Marshall was eligible for the first time entering 2010 and he signed for $0.95 million. Marshall has been worth an average WAR (fWAR, rWAR, WARP) in 2008 and 2009 of 1.1 per year. Russell's average WAR over the last 2 seasons hasn't even been close (about .3). James Russell is no Sean Marshall, but I don't think anybody thought that anyway. However, being first year eligible it's not like Russell is going to receive a whole lot less than $1 million. In fact, I'm just going to pencil him in for $1 million because it makes it easier. Realistically I'd guess $.75 million, but I'm rounding up.

Samardzija is making $2.64 million and he's not even arbitratione eligible. He will be next year and this will be interesting. Based on his performance over the last two years he might get $1.5 million, but he's not going to see a paycut of over $1 million. He won't see his salary decline at all and it will almost certainly increase. How much? It's hard to say. I can't think of a similar player, but I'll estimate $4 million, which is a crazy amount to earn in the first year of eligibility. If he's any good after this year that amound will only increase. Garza only got $3.3 million in his first year and he had a better track record than Samardzija.

Volstad is eligible for the second time. He made $2.67 million in 2012 so will probably see that increase to about $3 million even though he hasn't been any good.

Garza is eligible for his final time and earned $9.5 million in 2012. He will enter discussions with the Cubs having been on the disabled list for a couple months with an arm injury and his season hasn't been anywhere near as good as it was in his first with the Cubs. He'll still get an increase, but it won't be much. Let's go with $10.5 million. The Cubs would liked to have traded Garza at the deadline, but his injury didn't allow that to happen. The Cubs more than likely won't be able to trade him this offseason. Who is going to acquire a pitcher who is going to be making $10 milion or more and has been on the DL for 2 months? Other than the Dodgers! The Cubs will instead hope he's healthy and proves he can still be a valuable starter at which point he's likely to be dealt at the deadline next year.

The total value in arbitration salaries is about $18.5 million. Added up, that's $59.5 million paid to 10 players and two of them are in the minor leagues.


Those on the active roster who aren't eligible for free agency or arbitration have their contracts automatically renewed each year and they make the league minimum. That's about $500,000. The Cubs currently have 7 players on the 25-man roster for next year so even if they signed no free agents you'd have to add 18 league minimum guys to the payroll just to get the minimum amount the Cubs figure to pay their players next year. Now we're up to $68.5 million.

Obviously the Cubs can and will replace some of these spots with free agents.


These are the guys on the 40-man roster, but not on the active roster. This adds up to less than $1 million.


As of September 2, 2012 the Cubs have approximately $69.5 million in salary for the 2013 season. The Cubs payroll for 2012 was $108.9 million and I don't see how that doesn't go down next year.