Assume the Position: RF

Finally, the last AtP for positional players. I've used basically all of the outfielders in the other two outfield summaries. This one is a bit light. Soler is a great prospect and that's it. Everyone else sucks. 

      Last Year 2013 Career
MLB LaHair 29 0.259 0.334 0.450 0.339 0.332 0.260 0.334 0.430 0.333
  Baker 31 0.239 0.279 0.378 0.283 0.283 0.266 0.316 0.428 0.323
* Hairston 33 0.263 0.299 0.504 0.342 0.330 0.247 0.302 0.449 0.324
* Schierholtz 29 0.251 0.321 0.407 0.314 0.321 0.270 0.319 0.409 0.315
AAA Nope                    
AA Burgess 24 0.259 0.350 0.422 0.357          
A+ Bonne 26 0.275 0.293 0.360 0.298          
A Soler 21 0.338 0.398 0.513 0.406          
A- Batista 21 0.204 0.289 0.341 0.300          
  Garsez 23 0.228 0.315 0.380 0.327          
Rk Schlecht 20 0.252 0.359 0.345 0.341          

The average wOBA for a RF last year was .327.


Bryan LaHair is going to be Godzilla in Japan next year. I wish him nothing but the best. He did really well last year for a long time. Jeff Baker was used almost perfectly by the Cubs last year, and was traded by almost-prospect Marcelo Carreno. He's never going to be a Cub again, probably. Scott Hairston can't get on base 30% of the time. He's going to get, like, 90 starts. Nate Schierholtz is the other half of that platoon. He's a fine 4th OF who is playing starting RF for us. 


Nope. Just Chuck Testa.


Michael Burgess doesn't seem like he's going to amount to anything, but he was drafted by Houston in the Rule V so if he's going to get a chance to play, it's going to be with them. 


Elieser Bonne is another plus name. He was brought in from Cuba and only has 2 years of professional experience, but he's 26 this year and has been very, very underwhelming. Pass.


Jorge Soler is the real deal. Of course, it's very small sample size, but he looks good so far. He might be a quicker climber than we thought originally, but he's still a few years away.


Xavier Batista took a big step back last year. He's still fairly young (21 years this year), but he's going to need to develop some more power, which should be doable. 6-3, 190 seems like he could still grow, but I've never seen him in person so I don't know. Isaac Garsez strikes out like he's gunning for the world record. He was drafted in the 30th of 2012, and he's going to be out of baseball in 3 years, tops.


Garrett Schlecht is really young and really weak. His OBP/SLG differential makes Tony Campana look like Babe Ruth. He's 20 this year, so who knows?

All told, only Soler is worth a shit. 

Projected Starters

MLB: Schierholtz/Hairston


AA: Bonne?

A+: Soler

A: Garsez/Batista