BA's Jim Callis, BP's Kevin Goldstein on the Cubs and the draft

Orange Guy had Jim Callis from Baseball America and Kevin Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus on the Cubs pre-pregame show today. The highlights


  • Gaussman is the best player that actually has a chance of dropping to the Cubs, though the chance of him doing so is small (but nontrivial!)
  • Cubs will probably draft Almora
  • Callis would take Correa over Almora and Fried, if all three were available at 6
  • He compared Almora to Buxton and said that Almora has a lower ceiling, but a higher floor
  • Callis had lots of great things to say about McLeod (thinks he’ll be a GM someday) and Wilken, referred to them as a dream team
  • It’s a lousy draft for pitching


  • Baez, Jackson, Rizzo the only bats with upside in the system.
  • Loves Sczczcaratafdr’s speed, but points out there’s not a lot else there.
  • He does not like the Cubs pitching prospects, wouldn't say any of them have good upside.
  • He spent some time tempering expectations on Dillon Maples.
  • He agrees that the Cubs will probably take Almora. He’s toolsy, could be a future 20-20 CF
  • He thinks Correa is the best player in the draft, probably won’t drop to 6
  • He doesn’t think the three big college pitchers will drop to six, but if Zimmer is still around at 6 he thinks the Cubs will take Almora over him anyway

My memory stinks and I can't remember which of these guys said this


  • Fried is the best HS pitcher in the Draft