Could Starlin Castro be run out of town?

starlin-castro-batCastro was dropped to eighth in the batting order last night, right about where he belongs based on his numbers this season. Not surprisingly, Starlin Castro is a little frustrated with his season. Per the Sun-Times:

Sometimes you have a tough season and you want to please everybody. But when you listen to everybody, it’s not right. You have to listen to the things that can help you, not everything.

Castro's going to do his own thing for the last 6 weeks and be his aggressive self. When Sveum asked Castro if he was happy with the move to the 8th spot, Castro told him no. Who wouldn't? 

The Trib had even more quotes, including this one from Sveum:

We're all in this together, but I don't care who you are. The bottom line is the player and the production coming from him. And the adjustments they have to make, whether they're suggested from myself or (hitting coach) James Rowson or defensively from (coach) David Bell, whatever. It's still up to the player to apply what you have to talk about.''

Castro has been applying it, I guess, as he leads the team in pitches per PA. He's performed better defensively by the eyeball norm, though the small-sample-sized defensive stats disagree. 

Over at Cubs Den, Tom Loxas is reading this as a rift between Castro and Sveum (and I guess the coaching staff in general), and that the org doesn't have his back. I'm not really getting that vibe, at least very strongly, but I can see how the narrative can be written that way. If there really is a rift, I can easily see the media turn against Castro (as we've seen them do with other Cubs players in the past). Events like what led to his benching last weekend and Javier Baez tearing up the minors is going to give them an easy excuse too, as well as all of the rumblings ever since this FO took over that Castro wasn't the kind of player they were looking to have/develop, aside from his age. But they also signed him to a seven year deal, and if his hypothetical beef with his coaching is what's interfering with the Cubs getting value out of what looked to be a solid extension then they're likely to side with the player. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see him quietly shopped this offseason.


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