Crazy Uncle Phil Says the Cubs Care Not For IFA Spending Restrictions

Phil Rogers tweeted out a Sulia link, which I normally avoid on principle, but Bleacher Nation Brett insisted was interesting, so I clicked it.

Brett was right.

Phil is claiming the Cubs don't really give a damn that they are over their allotted pool money already and that they aren't necessarily done signing international guys.

The three most attractive guys still out there Taiwanese right-hander Jen-Ho Tseng and two 15-year-olds — Dominican third baseman Luis Encarnacion and Dominican center fielder Leonardo Molina. Encarnacion and Molina aren’t eligible to sign until next month, when they turn 16. The Cubs figure to blow so far past their spending allotment that they will be pay a 100-percent tax and suffer the most serious sanction in the rules — being limited to a maximum of $250,000 on any signing in the 2014-15 international class. The Cubs believe that the top guys in this year's class are much better than those who will be available next year.

I was starting to wonder if this might be the case as they have already acted as though they don't care of they are over.

In the last thread, I saw some comments that the trade for extra pool money was a waste, but if I'm understanding the rules right, they'll have to pay 100% of the overage (assuming they stay above 15% over the cap), so by trading for an extra million or so in pool space, that is one million less they don't get taxed at 100%. It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but it's still basically a million dollars in savings for a guy they obviously don't believe in very much.


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