Cubs Bunting Tournament 2: Electric Boogaloo

The 2013 version of the Cubs Bunting Tournament is rapidly approaching and the Cubs beat writers seem pretty psyched about it. Carrie Muskat, Paul Sullivan, and Jesse Rogers are all Twitpic-ing the shit out of the brackets they've seen so far this morning.

The first bracket is actually a play-in tourney for the 64th spot in the main tournament between some baseball ops, media relations and other front-office types:

(Via JesseRogers)

The highlight of this side bracket is the bottom match-up:


Jed vs. Theo! Theo vs. Jed! How is this not on pay-per-view?!

We also got a partial picture of the pitchers' side of the bracket from Jesse Rogers:

I'm not sure when all the bunting madness begins, but rest assured, our crack OV team will keep you up to date as developments occur.


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