Cubs Convention (AKA The Absolute High Point of the 2014 Season) This Weekend

Cubs fans will come from near and far to the Sheraton downtown to stand in ridiculously long autograph lines, pack ballrooms to catch a glimpse of former Cubs middle-relievers, and ask really stupid questions when given the opportunity.

It's the Cubs Convention!

Typically, I've broken down the various sessions and made little jokes, but I'm not going to do that because nothing has really changed.  The Ricketts still have their session first thing on Saturday morning when anybody who has an actual difficult question will probably be too hung over to attend the session. The Baseball Management session still includes Randy Bush for reasons passing understanding. They'll trot out their prospects as often as possible, talk about the 100 year anniversary of Wrigley at every opportunity, and God help us, there will be Clark the Cub.

It will also be the high point of the 2014 season so it probably deserves mentioning.

But mainly, this is just so Wali has a thread that doesn't get blocked at his work because I cursed too much. Don't say I never did anything for you, Wali.

Also, as per usual, many luminaries from the Cubs blog and Twitter world will be drinking heavily at Lizzie McNeill's.  Julie was nice enough to create an official invite that says it starts at 8pm, but based on last year, it pretty much starts anytime after 6pm. I imagine I'll arrive sometime around 7ish. Sometimes some of the media will come in and confront a blogger or two, and some, like Bruce Miles and Sahadev Sharma just join in the drinking fun, so there's the possibility of some entertainment and Lizzie's has free popcorn.


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