Cubs put 7 in Top 100 prospects

The Cubs were 3rd in "prospect points," according to 1st was the Astros, 2nd was the Red Sox. How good do you feel?

Javier Baez – 7 (No. 2 SS)
Kris Bryant – 9 (No. 2 3B)
Albert Almora – 18 (No. 4 OF)
C.J. Edwards – 42 (No. 20 P)
Jorge Soler – 49 (No. 11 OF)
Arismendy Alcantara – 89 (No. 4 2B)
Pierce Johnson – 100 (No. 58 P)

Something that really becomes apparently is how poor our pitching prospects really are. Even though we had 2 make the list, there are 58 pitchers on the Top 100 – an average team would expect to have 2. Furthermore, our 2 are worse than the average spot (the 20th instead of the 15th, and the 58th instead of the 45th). That all being said, we still have dynamic positional prospects, including a Top 4 entry at every infield slot (Vogelbach did not make the Top 100, but only one 1B did. Vogelbach is the No. 4 1B prospect.)

Whether or not these minor league accolades will translate into major league wins remains to seen. However, it's undeniable that the farm system is immeasurably better than it was the day Hoyer took office.