Cubs Showcasing the Best of their System to Japanese Media Instead of Their Own Fans

The Cubs will be playing two games today. One against the White Sox that will be televised on WGN and one against the Japanese national team that will not be televised.

Here is the Cubs lineup for the televised game:

Valbuena 3B
Barney 2B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Hairston DH
Navarro C
Bogusevic LF
McDonald CF
Nelson 1B

Hooray. I'm interested in Castro. That's all. I guess you can make a case for Barney since he might do something fancy in the field. There is not a single other name in that lineup that stirs any emotion in me whatsoever.  Scott Feldman is starting for the Cubs. Of course he is. Why wouldn't it be the least interesting pitcher in the rotation?

The Cubs lineup for the game against Team Japan that will NOT be televised (I assume this is the lineup as the original lineup had Brett Jackson instead of Soler, but he's been scratched with a sore shoulder):

DeJesus CF
Baez SS
Castillo C
Soriano DH
Sappelt LF
Vitters 3B
Soler RF
Vogelbach 1B
Gonzalez 2B

Travis Wood will pitch. I can't even begin to express how much more I would rather watch the game against Team Japan. The Japanese media will have 140 members of their press at Ho Ho Kam for the game, so maybe I can find an illegal Japanese stream of the game. Otherwise, I guess the game against the White Sox is better than an Andy Griffith re-run or whatever WGN shows in the afternoons these days, but not by much.

I just don't understand why the Cubs wouldn't take this opportunity to show off the talent they have in the system to their fans. A game against a Japanese National Team will probably be just as competitive as a Spring Training game against a White Sox team that doesn't give a shit.

Go Cubs. I guess.


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