Daily Facepalm – 9.12.2012

Obstructed View Daily Facepalm

The Cubs lost to the Astros 1-0 in what quite possibly could be the worst game of baseball ever played. Between the two teams there were ten hits, six errors, and one meager run. The only reason the otherwise merciless crapfest ended was because Starlin Castro couldn't outrun Dave Sappelt's stupidity, preventing Castro from scoring the tying run before Sappelt made the last out at third. Thank goodness that shit didn't go to extras.

Do the Cubs Have a Game Today?

I'm honestly afraid to look. But I'm pretty sure they do.

Most Valuable Aramis

Aramis Ramirez is having a career year with the Brewers, While it's true that his when-it-doesn't-count production will go for naught for the late-blooming Brewers (it could happen, but it's not gonna happen), imagine what kind of year he could have had for the Cubs. Let's take a look at just how little any of the Cubs' games have mattered this season:

  • Since the conclusion of the Cubs' very first game, they've never been closer than one game out of first place.
  • After the first series, they never got closer than two games behind the division leader.
  • The Cubs haven't trailed in the division by single-digit games since May 22.
  • They haven't trailed by fewer than 20 games since August 1.
  • They haven't been within a game of .500 since the end of the first series of the season.
  • Lest a winning streak were to cause Aramis to feel undue pressure or smell the disgusting whiff of hope, the Cubs haven't won more than four games in a row. 

By my calculations, given the minuscule intersection of the sets of Games that Count and Games that Involved the Chicago Cubs, Aramis could have been a 60 WAR Cub this year. And somehow the Cubs would still manage to win fewer than 60 games.