“Daily” Facepalm – Samardzija Rumors A’Plenty


Chicago Cubs Photo DayDiamondbacks interested in Samardzija

Buster Olney got the Samardzija trade train rolling with a tweet last week saying that the Cubs and D-Backs would keep talking about a Jeff Samardzija deal. There were vague rumors around the trade deadline that the D-Backs were interested in Shark, but the Superfriends were (rightly) asking for a king's ransom in return, so things never really got off the ground. It's kind of strange that there's so much more interest now, given that the pressure of a pennant race isn't hanging over desparate teams' heads anymore. I got the impression around the trade deadline that they had pretty much given up on an extension already. The D-Backs have a pretty good farm system, so it would be nice to pry some prospects away from them.

Nationals interested in Samardzija?

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reported that according to a source "familiar with the Nationals' thinking", the Nats have also plan to discuss trading for Samardzija. Given that Shark has two years left and their other targets (Scherzer, Price) each have one, he would seem to be more attractive. Also, why the hell would the Tigers want to trade Max Scherzer? It's not like they're in rebuilding mode right now. The Nats farm system kind of sucks, which makes me wonder if they'd have the horses to pick up one of those top pitchers anyway. 

Pirates interested in Samardzija (and Castro)?

Quasi-BP figure John Perrotto reports that the Pirates are interested in Samardzija, and in the same piece it also mentions that they are interested in Starlin Castro. While the Cubs would never make a mega-deal with the Cardinals for a player like Castro, the Cubs and Pirates have certainly made plenty of trades in the past decade plus (including one particularly notable one centered around future HOF Bobby Hill). If they could trade both of them in a package deal maybe they could pick up one of those awesome young pitchers in the Pirates org (*cough* Tallion *cough).

Blue Jays interested in Samardzija?

Shi Davidi of sportsnet.ca reports that the Blue Jays are expected to make a push for Shark. The article mentions J.P. Arencibia and a bunch of their bullpen arms as trade chips, but what I'm more interested in are their pitchers. BA doesn't have their new list up yet, but they had a lot of pitchers in their top 10 going into last year. 


All in all, this sudden flurry of interest in Shark has to be good for the Cubs, especially in a market where Ervin Santana will likely get nine figures from someone.


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