Darwin Barney defensive highlights

Since Darwin Barney set the single season record for an errorless streak at 2nd base last night, I figured we might look back at some of his best plays. Thanks to mlb.com we can do that. As I was looking through these last night I was surprised at two things: there weren't as many outstanding defensive players as I thought there would and there were a lot of very, very good players that Barney just made look so easy. That's part of what makes Barney a great fielder. A lot of great plays by other 2nd basemen just look like good plays to him. There are several videos of him making basket catches or over the shoulder catches and both are very difficult plays. He made the look easy. He made a few glove to glove tosses that looked so easily. He even made a few sliding grabs up the middle and nailed the runner so quickly it wasn't even a close play. Barney isn't that great a hitter, but the guy can play defense.