Fuck You Dale Sveum

It's been a few years since I busted out one of these but the mindfuck that was Dale Sveum's comments today about Castro & Rizzo has enraged me to the point of typing about it so here we go. 

Fuck you Dale Sveum. Fuck you and your horseshit pontifications about "accountability" and performance. If you really think that Starlin Castro & Anthony Rizzo belong in the minors then so do you. If you're a standup guy whose all about accountability then why on earth would you want some other coach to teach your two best players how to play the game the right way ™. You're the highest paid coach in the organization and you swagger around like daddy big dick so why don't you step the fuck up and handle that shit?  If the bottom line is performance without any regard to context then you need to fire yourself tomorrow Dale. Because the brass tacks of the situation look like this, you're a former hitting coach whose Cub teams have hit a grand .236 under your watch. They have driven in 340 runs in 185 games you managed. Your winning percentage is .389. Mike Quade's was .477. I repeat Mike fucking Quade is miles above you based on your bare bones, head in the sand evaluation method. So the next time you feel like running your mouth to the media about accountability remember it starts with you. I look forward to your next press conference from the Des Moines media center.