In What Passes as Breaking News, Cubs Have Acquired George Kottaras From Royals

The Cubs have traded cash to the Kansas City Royals for George Kottaras per Jon Heyman:

Apparently, nothing is official and I'm not sure if all the media members tweeting about it are simply going off of Heyman's tweet or have their own independent verification, but it's George Kottaras, so who really gives a damn?

He's a bit better than replacement level which is about the best you can hope for out of a back-up catcher. 

He's second year arbitration eligible and he made $1 million last year. So figure he'll make, what, $1.25 million this year? Can't imagine it will be more than $2 million. Figure that plus the few hundred thousand the Cubs sent to the Royals to acquire him and he's probably a little expensive, but you're going to pay for a veteran no matter how crappy they are and they probably want a veteran back-up.  Whatever.

The Dioner Navarro Era was more fun than we thought it would be.  Maybe we'll look back on the George Kottaras Era similarly next year. Probably not.


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