Jeff Samardzija Shut Us Right Up

Holy. Shit. I still can't believe I saw what I saw today at Wrigley.

Jeff Samardzija basically told us to take our small sample sizes and shove them up our collective asses.  As we expected to meet the new F7, same as the old F7, he went out there and looked pretty damn good all day.

I'm not ready to start calling for him to go to the All-Star game or anything, but if the Cubs get anything close to this from Jeff Samardzija on a consistent basis, it will go a long way to making this team respectable.

Washington was off-balance pretty much all day, and while he got helped out by a few nice defensive plays, it's not like the Nationals were hitting line drives at defenders all day.  He should have had a complete-game, 3 hit, 1 run outing, but Starlin Castro uncorked  a horrible throw to extend the game, and Adam LaRoche crushed a ball off of the new bleacher party deck. 

He was throwing 96 and 97 mile per hour heat at the end, and he even touched 98 at least once.

It was one start, but it was damn impressive and much more than any of us expected, small samples or not. I'm finding myself anxiously awaiting his next start.


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