Let the Piling On Starlin Commence in Three… Two… One…

Shit is about to come down on Starlin Castro, and it shouldn't be shocking to anyone that the source of the impending storm is located in a Paul Sullivan piece in the Tribune.  Whether he is trying to stir the pot purposefully is a matter of opinion, but whether he is doing it intentionally or not, this pot is getting stirred as we speak.

Starlin Castro headed to the All-Star Game on a positive note Sunday with a pair of hits, including a three-run home run. 

Well, that's a nice lede. It looks like this will be a really positive blurb about a solid performance from our 22 year-old star shortstop. Nice first half, Starlin.

Asked if he has seen any growth in Castro, Ryan Dempster cracked: "Obviously he's not turning around and looking in the outfield when pitches are going this year. That's always a good step."

HA HA HA HA HA! Yes! That's a good one, Ryan! Let's present the beat writer who thinks the job title is called that because they are supposed to beat dead horses with a dead horse to beat! You're hysterical!

Actually, I should just be thankful Dempster probably didn't say it in his Harry Caray voice and I'm sure he was just joking around, because, you know, that's what Ryan Dempster does because he's hilarious.

Dempster was joking about the game last year when Castro had his back to the plate during one of James Russell's pitches.

Thank you for the context so the two people reading this who didn't already know this tidbit can get caught up. So far, what started as a positive little piece about Starlin is getting dark kind of fast.

"Kidding aside, he's making huge strides," Dempster said. "His ability to read the plays, to know when a pitcher is going inside, turning double plays he's been unbelievable, his range has been great. … When you're the shortstop, you're the leader of the defense, and he's really taken over."

OK, now that we're getting serious and Ryan says some very nice things about his teammate and how he has been maturing. His teammates must be recognizing some positive changes in Starlin as he's growing into his role as a team leader.

Castro knows he's one of the game's elite shortstops, and said he wants to make an annual trip to the Midsummer Classic.

Now this is getting to be too much. He's improving his game and maturity PLUS he has aspirations to be an All-Star type of player every year? This is turning into a puff piece! Better dial it back!

"You see the commercials — it's not a break," he said with a grin. "I want to go to the All-Star Game every year. I've got time to be in my house in October to rest. But now, I don't need it."

Oh. Shit. Now we have a shortstop who seems to be conceding he won't be playing in October very often. That will get people pretty riled up. I'm sure Paul will follow that up with an explanation or some context (like he did with the Dempster quote for no reason) so that we can understand that he was probably just talking about this October. Because, let's face it, the Cubs aren't playing baseball this October and anybody who thinks that is a possibility needs to have their head examined, so what's the problem with Starlin admitting that in a human moment?

Paul? Anything? Can you provide some context?

No? You're just going to leave that quote hanging out there for the masses to assign their own meaning?

Ok, then. The beatings will now begin!


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