Obstructed View's Self-Indulgent Retrospective of Our Own Posts From 2013

There wasn't much memorable about the 2013 Cubs, but we tried to keep things interesting and entertaining around here at Obstructed View.  We saw more contributions from non-founding authors like Sitrick, GW and Myles while myself, Dmick, Berselius and And Counting had various reasons to step back a bit. Without them, OV would have been a much less interesting place in 2013, so thanks to them for their great work. I know I look forward to seeing more from them in 2014 and I hope to contribute a bit more myself as well.

So as a final good-bye to a crappy Cubs year, I compiled my personal Top Ten OV Posts of 2013 (in chronological order):

Special Bonus Selection: The entire 2013 Cubs Prospects in Review series by Sitrick, Myles, and dmick89

Maybe other people have other favorites, but this is my post and these are mine.

Happy New Year, fuckfaces!


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