Oneiri Fleita Out

The Cubs’ front office restructuring continues. Last week, longtime scouting director Tim Wilken was promoted, or simply reassigned if you are of a cynical bent. Today, Bruce Miles breaks the news that fellow holdover Oneiri Fleita is out as VP of Player Personnel. Indefatigable Brett has a responsible rundown.

Irresponsible Speculation

Perhaps the front office googled him and realized that he had previously criticized Josh Vitters for not being aggressive enough at the plate. Or perhaps they already knew that and just needed to co-opt his international contacts before letting him go. Regardless, the only surprise to me is that this didn’t happen sooner.


The Sun-Times passes along the word that the Fleita won’t be leaving alone:

Sources said at least four more people who are veteran Cubs staffers in the player development and baseball operations departments will be let go as well.

(h/t: Berselius)


Randy Bush has survived. Holdover stats guy Chuck Wasserstrom is gone. Ari Kaplan has been retained as a consultant on the condition that he to moves to India and communicates strictly via teleconference and email.

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