Our Long Nightmare is Finally Over (Lillibridge DFA)

Good news, everyone! Hisanori Takahashi and Brent Lillibridge have been designated for assignment.

Hisanori Takahashi was last relevant in 2011, when he was a relatively successful LOOGY/7th/8th inning guy. The wheels fell off in 2012 in 51 appareances between the Pirates and Angels. There's a great chance he makes it through waivers.

Brent Lillibridge was ONLY relevant in 2011. He spent time with 3 teams in 2012, which is likely the number of teams he'll spend 2013 with. He was good for a .042/.042/.042 mark this year, which, come on. He looked a) like a child molester and b) like a AAAA guy. He was outplayed thoroughly by Alberto Gonzalez which is a phrase you never want to hear. He's got a 50/50 chance to clear waivers. I was considering boycotting the major league squad until he was off the team, so I'm pretty sure Jed Hoyer reads this blog (hi, Jed!).

The Cubs used the free room to pick up Cody Ransom. He was replacement level last year and he'll come close to that this year. He's really no different than Brent Lillibridge, so I don't entirely get the move. The Cubs also put Darwin Barney and Kevin Gregg on the 25-man roster. The Cubs must have really liked what they saw from Gregg in his 0 minor league appearance with the team this year.