OV Bunt Tournament Contest!

Spring Training is finally here! The next month or so is probably my favorite part of the year, because it's when I can delude myself into thinking that maybe the Cubs could get close to resembling a competitive team, sorta. This year looks to be no different; I've tricked myself into thinking the Cubs could win 81 games this year.

Really, though, the reason Spring Training is so cool is because of one thing.

The Bunt Tournament!

In honor of this momentous occasion, we are going to hold a simple giveaway. The first 64 e-mail addresses left in the comments (one address per person and per comment, let's not be jerks) will be randomly assigned a player in the bunt tournament. If your player wins the whole thing, you win a copy of The Book by Tom Tango! 

Good luck, play to win!

Signups will run until I get 64 people, or Friday.

Note: We will remove your email from the comment once we collect it, so it's not just sitting out there for spambots