OV Playoff Roundtable

If this past season has taught us anything, it's that Obstructed View should be your go-to source for any baseball-related predictions. As we prepare to watch the Red Sox, Indians, Marlins, and Phillies battle in the playoffs, it's time to update those. Aisley, DJ, and The Enigmatic AC were unavailable, which is probably a good thing because I'm tired of compiling. Forge on, intrepid baseball observers!


Berselius Braves Rangers
GW Cardinals Rangers
MB21 Braves Rangers
Josh Braves Rangers
Vegas Braves (62%) Rangers (64%)
Berselius Nats, Giants Yanks, Tigers
GW Nats, Reds Yanks, Tigers
MB21 Braves, Reds Rangers, Tigers
Josh Nats, Reds Rangers, A's
Vegas Nats, Reds Yanks, Tigers
Berselius Nats Tigers
GW Reds Yanks
MB21 Reds Tigers
Josh Nats A's
Vegas Nats Yanks
  World Series
Berselius Nats (DeRo>all)
GW Yanks
MB21 Reds
Josh A's
Vegas Yanks


Four different World Series picks! Our diversity must be acknowledged.

General Thoughts on the Play-In Games, Semantic or Otherwise:

MB21: Adds excitement due to the one and done nature. Nothing has really changed regarding the playoffs. It's still an 8-team field. The only difference is that two teams in each league have to play game 163 to enter the field.

Josh: I don't like the word "play-in."

GW: I'm on board!

Most Overrated Team:

GW: The Nationals feel fluky to me. They have ridden career years from Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, Gio Gonzalez, and Danny Espinosa.

Josh: Yankees, but Texas has been floundering as well.

Berselius: Orioles

MB21: Yankees

Most Underrated Team:

Berselius: Braves

MB21: Reds

Josh: A's

GW: Cards (Ugh…)

Other storylines to be aware of for Cubs fans who stopped watching baseball three months ago:

Josh: Holy shit Adam Jones! Also, the A's have an Australian guy. WTF?

MB21: Dusty Baker (see below).

GW: Hey, loogit all those rookies on the A's! Bow to Kris Medlen, minor deity of second half fantasy baseball.

Berselius: I kind of stopped watching baseball three months ago, too.

Players you are excited see:

Berselius: Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. I think I was the only Cubs fan who liked Prince Fielder when he played for the Brewers. I'm also excited to see Cabrera's comically awful defense at 3b.

GW: Manny Machado, Andrelton Simmons, Bryce Harper

MB21: Clayton Kershaw, Matt Cain, CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano

Josh: Adam Jones, post season flavored Nelson Cruz

Players you are disappointed not to see:

MB21: Starlin Castro

Berselius: Mike Trout. NL MVP Shawn Camp.

Josh: Trout – Sorry your team sucks, dude.

GW: Really, Walt Jocketty? You couldn't have used Billy Hamilton as a pinch-runner? Throw us a fucking bone, here.

Which team are you rooting for?

MB21: Yankees in the AL and the Braves in the NL.

Berselius: Nationals

Josh: Oakland

GW: Baltimore

Ex-Cubs Players you wish well or ill of:

Josh: Hope Demp does well, but I don't think this is Texas's year, again.

GW: Josh Donaldson!

Berselius: I wish Sammy Sosa well, and wish they would retire his number already. I wish all of the Cubs fans who took glee in Dempster's implosion on Wednesday ill.

MB21: I wish all of them well

Dusty Baker has been in the news due to recent health issues, do you want him to see him win it all?

MB21: I'd like to see him win it.

Berselius: I would not be unhappy to see him win, but I'm not necessarily pulling for him either.

Josh: Nah.

GW: Not in the least.

Thoughts on the TBS/MLBN/Fox Coverage:

Berselius: At least this will keep Joe Buck away from calling NFL games for a few weeks. (GW: This!)

Josh: Extremely annoying. I listen to the Gameday audio feeds.

MB21: Shit.

I hate baseball right now. Is there anything else to do?

Berselius: While sitting through a 5 hour delay in DFW on my way back from Japan, I picked up The Name of the Wind on GW's advice. Despite a shout-out in the acknowledgments to noted hack writer Kevin J. Anderson, it's been good so far. Movie-wise, if you have not seen The Cabin in the Woods, you should go buy/rent/stream it immediately.

Josh: Currently on my Kindle: "Fuckin' Lie Down Already" – Tom Piccirilli; "Belinda in the Pool" (Short story) – Douglas Clegg; "Feeding Ground" – Sarah Pinborough; One Buck Horror, Volume 5.

MB21: Dexter and Homeland air Sunday nights on Showtime at 8 and 9 pm respectively.

If you are really bored, check out some of Josh's insects snapshots from Phylum Arthropoda:

Female wolf spider with egg sac:

White-lined sphinx moth:


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