Postgame Thread: Cubs 5, Braves 1, Cubs Bullpen -5

The Cubs got a good start from Carlos Villaneuva, who struck out 6 and gave up one run in 6.2 innings. Rizzo and Valbuena homered off of Braves starter Julio Teheran, and Nate Schierholtz was inches from adding one of his own. The Cubs were prepared to pour even more on, loading the bases in the top of the eighth with no outs but somehow managed to score zero runs. Then it was time for the bullpen. Kyuji Fujikawa''s fastball looked pretty good but the Braves hit it all over the park, bringing the score to 5-4. Marmol came out for the ninth throwing nothing but fastballs. He missed his location and B.J. Upton put it in the center field seats. Two batters later, his little brother ended the game. 

Tomorrow, Shark takes on Tim Hudson.


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