Series Preview: American League (107-94) at National League (94-107)


Team overviews

Since the usual would make no sense, I'll list the top three players as well as the team that leads the league in that category. Players with an asterisk did not make the ASG roster.

  NL Team NL 1st NL 2nd NL 3rd AL Team AL 1st AL 2nd AL 3rd
wRC+ 110 (Cardinals) 162 (Buster Posey) 157 (Paul Goldschmidt) 157 (Joey Votto) 114 (Tigers) 204 (Miguel Cabrera) 193 (Chris Davis) 166 (Mike Trout)
BSR 13.5 (Mets) 5.8 (Everth Cabrera) 5.4 (Starling Marte*) 4.9 (Carlos Gonzalez) 9.3 (Red Sox) 8.7 (Jacoby Ellsbury*) 6.4 (Rajai Davis*) 5.7 (Mike Trout)
2.5-year UZR 87.6 (Diamondbacks) 42.4 (Jason Heyward*) 30 (Darwin Barney*) 27 (Brandon Phillips) 98.6 (Rays) 33 (Dustin Pedroia) 30.1 (Alex Gordon*) 24.2 (Brendan Ryan*)
2.5-year DRS 139 (Diamondbacks) 43 (Jason Heyward*) 33 (Darwin Barney*) 31 (Clint Barmes*) 113 (Rays) 51 (Brendan Ryan*) 48 (Alex Gordon*) 40 (Dustin Pedroia)
SP FIP- 87 (Cardinals) 59 (Matt Harvey) 60 (Adam Wainwright) 69 (Clayton Kershaw) 76 (Tigers) 65 (Max Scherzer) 66 (Felix Hernandez) 67 (Derek Holland*)


(min 30 IP)

82 (Rockies) 35 (Jason Grilli) 43 (Mark Melancon) 51 (Trevor Rosenthal*) 84 (Yankees) 33 (Greg Holland) 37 (Jesse Crain) 45 (Glen Perkins*)
Batting WAR 16.2 (Braves) 4.9 (David Wright) 4.6 (Carlos Gomez) 4.5 (Carlos Gonzalez) 19.8 (Red Sox) 6.0 (Miguel Cabrera) 5.7 (Mike Trout) 5.1 (Chris Davis)
Pitching WAR 12.5 (Rockies?!) 4.6 (Adam Wainwright) 4.2 (Matt Harvey) 3.9 (Clayton Kershaw) 17.1 (Tigers) 4.1 (Felix Hernandez) 4.0 (Max Scherzer) 3.8 (Derek Holland)

Of note: lots of bad bullpens in the NL. The AL only has two teams (Cleveland and Houston) with below average FIP- numbers. Were it not for the Astros, the Cubs pen would currently be the worst in MLB.

Injuries of note

Players missing the game due to injury: P Clay Bucholz, P Jesse Crain, P Yu Darvish, 1B Freddie Freeman, P Jeff Locke, P Jordan Zimmermann.

Is Matt Garza still a Cub?

Yes (as of 8:32 PM CEST). There's been lots of interest in him, and hes been informed that he'll probably be traded before Saturday. This would mean that he's made his last start with the Cubs. Rumors have swirled that the Rangers are the frontrunner, and if that's the case it's almost certain that the deal would be centered around Mike Olt, which would be nice. Olt has been pretty shitty at the plate this year, but it sounds like he's been having vision problems which is certainly more fixable than swinging-at-everything problems.'s T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers will not consider trading Martin Perez, their top pitching prospect. No mention of Olt in that short piece either. 


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