The opposite of the World Series

The World Series is played at the end of the season and is supposed to include the two best teams in baseball, or at least the best team in each league. It doesn't often work out that way, but luck and all, it's a series that's almost certainly going to include a couple of good teams and one of them leaves with a championship. The other is forgotten.

The Cubs and Astros have scheduled two spring training games in Houston after the Cactus League season ends. Unlike the intentions of the World Series, this short series will feature baseball's worst two teams.

It's entirely possible we'll come away from these final spring games thinking the Cubs are better than they are, but don't fall for that. They are playing the Astros.

Either way, the crapfest that will be the 2013 Cubs season gets an especially crappy head start on March 29-30 in Houston. The two teams will meet again when the games count in July. You'll need to purchase tickets early to the Wrigley Field event of the year. Tickets won't last long.