This Year OV Has TWO Discredited Non-Classy Tournament Picking Options

I've always loved and hated doing brackets for the NCAA Tournament. On one hand, I'm not a huge college hoops follower, so having a bracket or two gives me rooting interests and makes the games between teams I generally couldn't care less about, a heck of a lot more fun. But on the other hand, I suck at picking brackets. I don't know what I'm doing and I generally have no luck at all, so my brackets are usually dead by the end of the first week and I'm barely paying attention in the Final 4. Until recently.

My girlfriend's brother-in-law ran a family pool that made picks round-by-round. Which means no matter how awful your first round picks might have been, you still get a chance to make accuarate picks on ALL of the games in the second round, and so forth. Secondly, you get bonus points equal to the difference between the seeds for picking an upset. So if you pick a 12 beating a 5 in the first round, you get 2 points for the win plus 7 points for the upset. This makes for some crazy standings changes all the way through and some interesting strategy in making picks. This year he had an iPhone/iPad app created to run a pool round-by-round with those rules called Bracket Madness. So I'm starting a Discredited Non-Classy Pool on the Bracket Madness app for anyone who wishes to play by those rules and has an Apple device. I'd love feedback on it and if enough people like it, we can run with those rules next year when the app is available for Android and Chrome as well. FYI, the app costs 99 cents to download.

The bracket name is: Discredited Non-Classy OV Picks (Pay no attention to other OV or Obstructed View groups, I made a couple with screwed up settings and nobody could join, but I can't delete them either.)

Password is: jabroni

Just search for the bracket name once you get in. Download the app to begin the madness!


For a more traditional bracket that you can play from your phone or online, we have a Group on the ESPN Tournament Challenge game:

Get in the action now:

On mobile:

Group: Discredited NonClassy OV 

Password: jabroni

Hope everyone joins one or the other or gets really crazy and joins both. Should be an interesting tournament. It looks like any team can lose to any other team at any time. Peasants! Let the Madness Commence!


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