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Aisle 424 ripped Rant Sports a new one last night and today we've got another reason to do so. Let's just start with the title.

Theo Epstein: The Portrait of a Snake-Oil Salesman

A snake oil salesman is someone who is basically a fraud because what he's selling (elixirs usually), have been proven to not work. Theo Epstein has two World Championships and  was the GM of a team that had 7 seasons with 90 or more wins. If you don't like statty things, he's one of the most respected GMs in the game over the last quarter century. A lot of things could probably be said about Theo, but a snake oil saleman simply isn't one of them.

Tom Rickets has all of us Chicago Cubs fan fooled. He made a big deal about bringing in baseball’s most recognized face to fix a franchise that has been broken for over 100 years. I’ll admit that I was very excited when the Cubs hired Theo Epstein, but based on what I’ve seen, he’s nothing more than a pretty face.

Truthfully, Ricketts did not make a big deal about hiring Theo. He went about his search rather quietly and it was the media, and the fans, that made a big deal of it. Ricketts had his new GM give a press conference as all new GMs do. We learned he was hired as the team president so we also knew they'd have to hire a GM. Ricketts kept a rather low profile duing all of this.

I'm not sure what this guy has seen, but I'll point out the 2 World Championships and 7 seasons with 90+ wins once more. Maybe he is a pretty face, but he also has an impressive track record and any person who can claim otherwise "based on what I've seen" is blind, full of shit and stupid.

I am getting sick and tired of hearing how Cubs fans need to be patient.

At least he's not blind, deaf, full of shit and stupid.

Teams like the Toronto Blue Jays (that I promise you don’t have near the fan base or attendance of the Cubs) trade for players to help them win today. Meanwhile, the Cubs add an injured starting pitcher and a backup catcher. So a team that lost over 100 games still isn’t addressing the team on the field?

Teams like the Toronto Blue Jays? (dying laughing)

We all hear that the Cubs will be competitive in 2014

We do? Can someone point me to all the articles or press conferences in which Theo, Jed or Ricketts has said they'll be competitive in 2014? What? You can't find one. The voices in this guy's head do not count.

The Cubs have been very clear as was pointed out last night. They're building this team from the bottom up and it's going to take awhile. I think the Cubs could and should be doing a little more, but they have been quite clear about this and as honest as one could hope.

and frankly, I just don’t buy it.

Frankly, nobody is trying to tell that.

If you look at what happened with Epstein’s former employer the Boston Red Sox, they pretty much undid everything Epstein did as general manager. That should be quite a telling sign.

If you look at what happened with Epstein's former employer the Boston Red Sox, they pretty much played excellent baseball for most of his tenure, but he did make some mistakes because, frankly, he's a human being.

If you want to help your promising young players like Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, there’s no better way of helping player development than winning.

It's true. Statisticians have shown it to be 100% true that the best thing to developing talent is winning. It's not a good player development system. Nope. It's not regular playing time. No way. It's definitely not working on your weaknesses and refining your overall game. Bullshit. It's winning. Can you imagine how good Andrew McCutchen would be if the Pirates would just fucking win? They have royally fucked him over because, frankly, they refused to win and help him develop. Assholes!

Creating a culture of losing helps players form bad habits.

And there is absolutely nothing that coaches can do to break these bad habits since, frankly, that's what they're paid to do.

While there’s no guarantees in baseball

Bull motherfucking shit! The Cubs just have to take after teams like the Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers and Seattle Mariners. That's how you win, bitch.

And how much worse can a team get than 100 losses?

You can be worse by exactly 62 games. This ain't difficult.

This is a great example of a Rant My Life moment.

And frankly, my response is a great example of my My Obstructed Life moment.

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