Top Ten Rejected 2013 Cubs Slogans

The Cubs unveiled their new marketing slogan the other day and simultaneously churned Twitter into a furious snarky froth with "Committed." Frankly, I think "Committed" is right up there with "It's a Way of Life" as most mockable slogans the Cubs have come up with under the Ricketts. It took Twitter about 10 seconds to start making insanity references and the beat writers were in on it within 30 seconds. This was not the farthest anyone has ever had to reach to make a joke out of the Cubs.

The speed in which the slogan was turned on its ear made me wonder what the Cubs had considered and rejected if "Committed" is what they landed on and agreed was the best possible option on the table. Naturally, we unleashed OV's full espionage resources that are rivaled only by the most secretive of government agencies, which may or may not exist, and gathered information on the Cubs rejected ideas.

We now present the Cubs slogan ideas that were never intended for the public to see, and in many cases were simply jotted down on a cocktail napkin. Many Bothans died to bring us this information:

Top Ten Rejected 2013 Cubs Slogans

10. "Give Us Your Money"

9. "Cubs Baseball es Muy Valbuena!"

8. "What Are You Going to Do, Root for the Sox?"

7. "Jeff Samardzija Might Pitch in the Game You Attend, Wouldn't That be Neat?"

6. "Seriously, Give Us Your Money"

5. "Come for the Schierholtz, Stay for the Lillibridge" 

4. "If a Piece of Concrete Falls On You, It's Yours to Keep!"

3. "How 'Bout Them Blackhawks?"

2. "We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash… There's Really no Reason Why You Haven't Given Us Your Money Yet"

1. "Bison Dogs and Troughs and Slightly Better Celebrity Singers, Oh My!"


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