Will Jim Deshaies Be the Replacement for Bob Brenly?

If Rant Sports can generate blog hits by using incredibly over-the-top and sometimes completely misleading headlines for their posts, then so can I. I figured it was as good a headline as any for the following shallowly researched filler material.

We know Jim Deshaies, the current color commentator for the Houston Astros, got an interview as a potential replacement for Bob Brenly a few days ago. We also know that the other "front-runners" for the open seat next to Len Kasper seem to be a fairly mediocre bunch that includes, Rick Sutcliffe, Eric Karros, Todd Hollandsworth, and Gary Matthews. But what do we know of Jim Deshaies' abilities?

From what I've heard anecdotally from Astros fans and Alyson Footer, the former Senior Director of Social Media with the Astros (now a national correspondent with MLB), the Astros would be big losers if Deshaies jumps to the Cubs. So that is something since I hear almost nothing but sentiments of, "you can have him" about Gary Matthews from Phillies fans. But I wanted to put together a nice video resume for Deshaies that we could all look over and give our OV Stamp of Approval before Rant Sports declares him to be a snake oil salesman, carpetbagger, or some other term they think is just name-calling but has actual meaning.

Also, if we all vault him to the tops of our respective lists, we can all brace for the crushing blow that he'll end up staying with the Astros. In case you weren't aware of what he looks like, Deshaies is the bald guy:



Based on the very little video I can find of him, I like Deshaies quite a bit. He's extremely listenable and he seems to bring a lot more to his analysis than the typical, "DIS HERE GUY KNOWS HOW TO PLAY DA GAME RIGHT" that is unfortunately the go to cliche for far too many color commentators (including Brenly). He is my new favorite now that Doug Glanville is officially not a candidate anymore. I think Sutcliffe is #2, but its a pretty distant second.

So let me be the first to congratulate Jim Deshaies on his soon-to-be announced contract extension with the Astros.


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