Biannual Facepalm – 8.12.12

Superfriends, amalgamate!

The Superfriends added a new member to the Hall of Justice this week, poaching Padres scouting director Jaron Madison for the same position with the Cubs. Fomer scouting director and draft boss Tim Wilken is being promoted to a special assistant to the GM, and the Cubs are working out a contract extension.

Adolfo: Starlin Castro needs to concentrate more on the game

Following a long batting slump. a lousy day with the glove, and a horrific TOOTBLAN thrown in for good measure, Dale Sveum was not happy with Starlin. Soriano had a little chat with him too, as he told Doug Padilla of ESPN Chicago

“It can be hard (to be so young), but we play baseball because we love baseball and that’s what we do for a living; that’s our career,” Soriano said. “We have to prepare 100 percent. Like I said to him yesterday, it’s not only catch the ball and throw the ball and hit the ball. This game is more mental. You have to prepare mentally and physically too. Not just physical. You have to prepare yourself mentally and all those little errors mentally cannot happen in this game.”

“He’ll be fine, but like I said, he needed motivation,” Soriano said. “He has to concentrate more on the game because it’s only a 3-3½ hour game. After that you can do whatever you want. You have plenty of time.”

Cue comments from meatballs on WGN about Soriano laziness, etc. etc. Soriano is well regarded as a clubhouse guy and the team sends young players in his direction for a reason.

Jorge Soler has a nice debut with Peoria

Soler hit a grand slam in his first pitch in the midwest league, silencing anyone who though the Cubs might have been a little too aggressive in promoting him two levels.

Thanks to RC for linking the video. Soler also drew a walk in the game.

The Chiefs are still in Beloit today and tomorrow, so it's just a relatively short drive for you Chicagoland folks. Also you can drink Spotted Cow there. And buy a case or two. And send it to me. Just sayin'.

Lendy Castillo returns from his long bout with David Patton disease

Castillo was pretty awful in his rare appearances with the Cubs in April and July, but in his three month rehab from a mild groin strain he only allowed two runs across seven "starts" (total of 20 IP) at various levels in the minors. Maybe he'll be a decent reliever for the Cubs down the road.

Did Dan Vogelbach homer last night?

No. Trade him for a bag of balls, then flip that bag for Ricky Nolasco's glove.

Is there a Cubs game today?

Johnny Cueto faces Brooks Raley in what is probably the biggest SP mismatch of the season. I can't wait to see the Cubs knock around Cueto while Raley throws right strikeout innings in honor of Ryan O'Malley.

Race to the Top Update

The Astros have won two games in a row against the Brewers, while the Cubs have a two game streak going and have lost 10 of their last 11. They're still 7.5 games out of the top pick. The Cubs are currently in line for the third pick, 2.5 games behind Colorado for the second and 5.5 ahead of the Padres for the third.

Just because I finished Justified S2 the other day


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