Daily Facepalm 1-31-12: Um . . .

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UPDATE: Yankees Hire Jim Hendry

According to Bruce Levine, the New York Yankees have hired Jim Hendry as special assistant to Brian Cashman. Good news, Yankees. there will always be doughnuts. 


The Cubs signed ex-everything left-handed reliever Trever Miller to a minor league contract, and he'll be yet another non-roster invitee to spring training. Just to give you an idea how highly coveted he is, Miller pitched for three teams last season. The Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Red Sox all celebrated Miller time last year, and let's hope the Cubs join that party. Man, 2015 can't get here fast enough.

Thread-hijacking Topic I Recently Enjoyed

If you missed it in the comments yesterday, Fangy inquired about the polymerization process in cast-iron cookery, sparking an enthralling conversation amongst the seasoned veterans of ferrous food prep. While MO argued that intimate relations with flaxseed oil weren't worth the cost and RC's food storage methods seemed both anal and unorthodox, the discussion was pretty informative about cleaning and seasoning and the science involved in the cooking process. Among the gems is Fangy's conclusion that the answer to their question is as elusive as a definitive defensive metric: 

Eh, I don’t think the catalyst is that important, actually. The catalysts they used in the experiment were cobalt, zirconium, and calcium, and they were mixed into the oil before applying it to steel. When they use the catalysts, the polymerization starts at like 90C. I think that stuff would be in hardware-grade linseed oil but not food-safe flaxseed oil.

I do get the impression that nobody out there really understands the seasoning process completely, so everybody is just muddling through with whatever their granny used. There’s plenty of “success” stories, but they all contradict each other, and nobody seems to be too confident about the science behind it, on the web at least.

Cool story, bros.

Is There a Cubs Game Today?


Someone Please Make This

I don't always do the Super Bowl party thing. I'd really rather watch it at home with my family than with a ton of people who may or may not be interested in football or commercials or pretending to listen to me talk about the Cubs. But if someone made this, I'd probably be there:

A stadium made of cold cuts