Daily Facepalm 2.1.12

Garza arbitration hearing set for Friday

Matt Garza's arbitration hearing is set for Friday. The Cubs offered $7.5m and Garza asked for $12.95m. We haven't heard any rumblings about a settlement, but that doesn't mean much given the Cubs reporters' access to this front office. No word from ace Cubs reporter Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe either.

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Read the first 56 comments of this tedious thread about reliever usage. Then read comment 57 and laugh. Then come back here and tell me not to tell you what to do.

Fireworks factory update

When are we going to get there? As soon as the Theo compensation is worked out, which could be "any day now"

Is there a Cubs game today?


Who owns the Cubs?

Is that like the Executive Chairman?


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