Daily Facepalm 2-8-2012: Numerology

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Campana's Number 1!

With Fukudome now saving face in free agency, Tony Campana has claimed the number 1 spot in the jersey lottery. Still think he should be wearing 5/8, but whatevs. In other numerical reassignments, Matt Garza has changed from 17 to 22, apparently to match the regularly changing arbitration numbers that have since been rendered moot. And Jason Jaramillo will try to earn his dinner wearing Carlos Zambrano's old 38. Isn't this exciting?

Photographic Evidence of Baseball

Tim Sheridan is the Cubs sprint training P.A. announcer, and he posts regularly over at Boys of Spring. He usually gets plenty of good shots of mediocre players, and the images of spring training have already started to pour in as players show up to camp early. David DeJesus,Josh Vitters, Jeff Samardzija, Darwin Barney, and all their scrappy friends have begun working out and are, by the looks of it, in the best shape of their lives. Here's a shot of Kim DeJesus's husband:

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