Daily Facepalm 2.9.2012. – Cubs: The Musical

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WGN Radio Wants YOU

WGN is having a song-writing contest to find their next rah-rah Cubs tune to play before, after, and during Cubs games and on a nonstop loop inside Judd Sirott's headset. All you have to do is record your song and send an mp3 of it to cubssong@wgnradio.com. If you'd like, I can supply the lyrics, and you can be in charge of the music. Here goes:

See the runner in his stance
See him gunned down where he stands

Was he running on his own?
How'd he get picked off at home?

Cubbies need a better plan
Save me.
Play on W-G-N
Save me
Save me

Come on don't get thrown out
Come on don't get thrown out
Come on don't get thrown out
Come on. Come on. (Santo: Oh, Come ON)

Hey, Chicago, say again
Cubs are never gonna win

You don't even have to pay me. You only have til February 29, so get cracking.

Theo Compensation Coming Soon: Not a Rumor

I have a source that says the compensation from the Cubs to the Red Sox for Theo coming from the Red Sox to the Cubs will come from Bud Selig's ruffled lips to our tingling ears before spring training begins. Oh goodie. I bet it will be Kerry Wood.

The Rebuilding Process Will Be Televised

The Cubs announced their broadcast schedule for the 2012 season. Opening day is April 5 on WGN. 1:20. Be there. Or don't bother being there, it will be on TV.

Is there a Cubs game today?


Thread-Hijacking Discussion I Recently Enjoyed

You've seriously got to catch up on the psychological manipulation of post-secondary architecture. Or something.

Video I Recently Enjoyed

Will Ferrell introduces the Bulls and Hornets starting lineups. It's pretty funny. Especially because Carlos Boozer most certainly does still live with his parents.